Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Stripey green socks finished!

As I was thinking what to blog about today, I suddenly realised I'd completely forgotten to tell you that these stripey green socks are now finished! After the length of time these have been dragging on, I can't believe I forgot :-) It's like a huge weight has been lifted now these are done and dusted. I do like them, don't get me wrong, but sometimes a project just needs to be finished so you can move on and start something new.

It's my own fault though as I put them away to 'get back to'! I got to the heel of the second sock and look, the stripes don't match. How come one is so much bigger?! Perfect heel though, which I was pleased about but not so pleased that I would have to rip it back to sort out the stripe patterning. So it kind of got sidelined by other projects. But it kept niggling away at me saying 'you've got to fix that heel, you know'. And I'm saying, 'Yes, yes, but the ishbel/albem/beret is nearly finished and I'm on a roll, etc....' And so it went on:-)

But it got to a point where the drip, drip, drip got to me! So out the socks came and what do you know? In about one evening they were past the heel, up the leg, being ribbed and cast off! One evening! I had been sitting with the weight of this unfinished WIP all that time for one evenings work?! Seriously, a big lesson learned!

But they are nice, aren't they? Perfect stripey socks that now match all the way up ;-) I may have to knit the rib on a smaller needle size as they feel a little loose on me but I'll try that on the next pair. Remembering not to experiment with alterations on the second sock so I don't end up having to take it all back to match the first!!

Next up on the sock front? I think the Wendy happy that was going to be stripey gloves may have to revert to socks again. The stripes are so wide that the gloves look very sad and not funky at all. But if the stripes insist on being that wide, I could easily get a very funky pair of knee highs out of the two balls I have of it. That would mean shaping up the calf of the sock - a new thing to learn and master:-))

And the gloves? I do have some Harry Potter Opal 'Tonks' that is much more stripey that would do very well indeed. Well, that's my TV knitting sorted for the next wee while!

Now, where to start? Shawls, gloves, socks, sunflower scarf, unfinished pink beret.....


  1. I love your stripey green socks! Beautiful!

    I'm excited to see what the other two yarns look like when you knit them up. I'm still thinking about the yarn you gave me and how it'll look...but what to make? I'm not good enough to use it yet. :)

  2. I'm now just beginning to get the hang of what sock yarn will look like from the ball into knit. The tonks will give me small lovely stripes I'm hoping but then I thought that with the happy yarn and it totally suckered me!

    The little skein of blue mango shouldn't be precious! Use it as a play skein as there's not tons of it for any big project and then I can send you more:-) Maybe green or orange?

  3. Ok, I promise to use it soon...but I still have to come up with a good idea. Ooo...I think I just had one...but maybe not, I'll have to percolate this for a while.

    Also, in a fit of "friends coming over in ten minutes" emergency cleaning, I think I threw out your address. Can you email it to me? I'd like to go to the post office this week to send you a thank you gift. :)


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