Friday, 8 May 2009

Stripey gloves on the go!

Weyhey! The stripey gloves are on the move! At last they are knitting up and a lot better for changing yarns. The Happy yarn was lovely but just not right for self-striping gloves. The Opal however, is just perfect. It's got a good combination of solid and speckled stripes to give enough variety.

Not how I imagined it knitting up though, I must admit. On the ball, it looked more striking, as in punchy, more saturated colour but it's actually turning out softer and well, heathery. Mottled colouring rather than over-saturated. I don't mind this look at all, it just surprised me. But then, I do like being kept on my toes:-) That is why I love self-patterning and variegated yarns - you never know how they are going to knit up from the ball or skein.

In keeping with making my life easier, I decided to use stitch markers to keep track of the gusset for the thumb. Do these look familiar? Yes, they're my new stitch markers made by Marcie that I got free with my yarn from Needlefood.

Don't ask me why I haven't bothered to use stitch markers before now because it was a hell of a lot easier and one less thing to have to check as you knit along. I think it's that 'of course I don't need stitch markers. I should be able to knit this without them' attitude. Like not using a lifeline in a complex lace pattern - but you'll be absolutely stuffed if you drop a YO stitch!! Ha! Well, I've decided to tell that little superior voice that I'm quite happy to use any technique that will make my life any easier, so tuff!

This yarn is knitting up well and I've made a lot of progress in a few evenings. One glove is done and I've just cast on the second one - even remembered to match the stripes:-) Hopefully a little tv watching this evening will get me on my way again...

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