Sunday, 23 August 2009

Kaleidoscope Quilts

I just had to mention this quilting exhibition that is on at the moment running from April 21–September 13, 2009 at the American Folk Art Museum in New York. This truly amazing kaleidoscopic quilt is one of a series of gorgeous art quilts by Paula Nadelstern.

I love the complexity of her designs and how she balances her fabrics to give such a stunning composition. These are very large pieces and must have taken a long time to make - a true labour of love! Just look at the detail! And all the minute piecing required! I'm just thinking of my large but simply designed quilt still sitting unfinished and it totally shrinks into insignificance:-) And although my quilting track record is, ahem, poor, I still feel the urge to get all my fabric out and start designing something hideously complex, right now! The urge is strong!

There is a more detailed post on her work over at the Textile blog where you can view some videos of the artist discussing her work at the actual exhibition. Its rare to get an insight into the artists thought processes and ideas so I'm looking forward to getting some quiet time so I can enjoy and absorb the full quilting atmosphere.

The museum also has a link to their online gallery catalogue which has a detailed biography on Paula Nadelstern's work which you can download as a PDF as well as viewing images of the quilts in situ in the gallery. Links are at the bottom of the Paula Nadelstern page.

Enjoy the kaleidoscopic quilting experience!


  1. Oooh. I wish I had known. I would have loved to go see this in person but now I just have too much to do. Thanks for the heads up though. Simply amazing (especially to someone who can't really sew a stitch)

  2. The things I've seen accomplished through quilting lately have been amazing! I'm going to have to improve my skills to try some of these things out! (Though I have absolutely no hope of ever producing anything like these quilts!)

  3. Hello. These are so beautiful...just like exquisite stained glass. Wishing I was in New York just now! Thanks for sharing sis xx

  4. Hi Gwen, they really do look like complex stained galls don't they? I think I read in the catalogue that she does use bits of glass in her work, which just adds another level of detail, complexity and richness to the already complex whole!
    Gorgeous! I so want the blue one:-)

  5. Stained galls???? Stained glass! My fingers are typing pure rubbish today:-)Oops!

  6. Hi Rachel,
    Yes, I wish I wasn't quite so far away! I'd love to see these for real but the stills and the videos do help to put the quilts in context in the gallery. I'd still love to go up close and look at all the bits of glass and the complex stitching and piecework - sigh!

  7. Her quilts are amazing. If you love her work, make sure to check out her tote and notecards. I love them.


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