Sunday, 30 August 2009

Quilting finds

We managed to go car booting this weekend as the rain decided to give us one day off:-) And I'm glad I went. Of course, I was looking for something entirely different - which I didn't find - but I did find a bag of quilting things. I was looking through them thinking which ones I could afford when the woman said I could have the lot for £1.50. Wow! Most car booters now really charge a lot so I was feeling rather lucky walking away with my bag of quilting goodies!

So on closer inspection, heres my haul:-) First off, there were three books; one with projects for log cabin which are a bit, ahem, naff, but the technique info is good. The second is another general projects book but the how-to information is good as well. The third is a quilting pattern resource, full of patterns for quilting the top once you've finished or if you are just quilting a plain top. They're all big enough to scan in and print out to use so that's ideal.

Another find, and the main reason why I picked up the bag of quilting goodies, is this grid for quilting to get your angles. I've always fancied one but never got around to getting one of my own and I'm sure they cost quite a bit more than the total of my whole bundle. Also there are some paper templates for making a Dresden plate quilt. I didn't know the name of this until I was looking at Sonnetofthemoon's blog recently where she found some wonderful examples of Dresden plates - I did at first think she was talking of actual ceramic plates, in my ignorance;-)))

Also, tucked away at the bottom of the bag, there was a sample of a dresden plate circle with some old notes from some quilting lessons. Apparently you can have them with pointed or rounded ends. I learn something every day!

I think I'm showing great restraint in not running headlong into making one of these dresden plate quilts:-) But, I might start to collect some fabrics with this specifically in mind..... or maybe dye some? Or maybe I should just finish the quilt I am making first before starting another large project!!


  1. After seeing Crystal's post about Dresden plates, I want to make one too (although, like Ian, I've always thought they're terribly old-fashioned.) I like the pointy-end version though!

    What a great score you made! :)

  2. Awesome quilting score! I'd love it if you made some dresden plates but I know how it feels to have too many projects. I haven't even made one plate yet...I had all the little blades sitting around and now they're packed up in some box somewhere.

    I want to see the quilt you're working on so I think you should work on that first. :)

  3. In theory, I should be getting my shed ready for dyeing yarns and fabrics, hopefully soon. So when that happens I can clear out my poor work room which is groaning with extra stuff at the moment and I can get a dedicated space for my sewing machine!!!!
    I know I've been talking about that for ages, but I have actually drawn a room plan, so I'm all ready:-))

    I've even got a wall space for pinning fabrics to planned:-)) So my work may well take a swing into fabric again. I'm afraid my stripey quilt got sidelined when I got too tired to use the sewing machine - but I think I'm well enough now, so there is no excuse for not finishing it!

    I've never made a full quilt before so the actual stitching through all the layers could be interesting! I may call on your help at that point!


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