Sunday, 16 August 2009

Knitting the sock blank

So my sock blank is dry and I have decided to unravel it into two matching balls before I start knitting. I made two large heaps of crinkly yarn and then wound them on the ball winder making sure I started with the same end:-) It would defeat the purpose if I got it wrong now! (although I have seen a deliberately opposite pair that worked very well too - just a thought for another time).

I know I could probably start knitting straight away but the yarn looks so crinkly. I read that it evens itself out once you block your sock but I think I prefer to wet it and stretch the kinks out first. I tensioned the skein when it was drying to get the yarn straight again. I think you can use steaming as well but I've never tried that.

So now I have two straightened balls of yarn ready to knit. Plain stocking stitch is a bit boring even with coloured stripes and I want to try something else than a rib pattern. So I'm going to incorporate the cabling that I used in firestarter - without the gusset detail. I know I've only knitted that style once but it makes the heel seem interminable! So I'm going to revert back to a short row heel for this one. I'll have to do a bit of manoeuvering with the cabling but I'm sure I'll find a solution:-)

So, the sock so far.... The cabling pattern is working well, good definition working with the colours and I like the way there is some of the subtle colour gradations within the greens and the purples as well as the blending into the next colour. The colours are making bigger bands than I expected but I can bear that in mind for the next one.

Next stop, the heel. Only a few more inches for me to think of a way to keep the cable pattern and have enough stitches to have a wide enough heel. Yes, I know! I really should have thought about that before I started but hey, I was being impulsive:-)


  1. It is absolutely glorious! Congratulations.

    While sock blanks have sounded very cool, I have worried about the crinkliness of the yarn (essentially frogged yarn which is never a treat), but making a hank and wetting it was clearly perfect. Wow, do I love the socks!

  2. Both the yarn and the socks are beautiful.

  3. Thanks, Elaine and Tom. I'm glad the first one turned out okay. I wasn't too happy with the crinkliness either but I have ripped back a jumper or two in my time so I knew just the right thing to get the kinks out;-)

  4. I love how this sock is turning out! The cabling is perfect and I love the wide stripes! Such a nice way to show off the colors!


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