Monday, 31 August 2009

Grande Final giveaway!

Well, we have arrived at the last week of the giveaways and this week is going to be slightly different - a grande giveaway:-) ie, lots of prizes for you to win! So many of you have entered my competitions and have given such thoughtful answers, thank you, and I feel bad that only a few can win, so this week I am giving away 5 prizes so there is a much better chance of everyone winning something!!

But more on that in a minute. First, let's announce the winners from last weeks competition, picked totally at random by John from the textile blog:

The winner of the Aquamarine semi solid yarn is..... Kate!
And the winner of the Deep Orchid is..... Purple-power!

Well done to you both and if you could contact me at with your contact details, I will get the yarns off to you in the post as soon as possible.


So, this weeks competition is going to run a bit differently. Instead of everything being listed today, the 5 prizes will be listed one a day from this monday to friday so you can leave a comment on all or just the ones you want to enter. If you want to enter all, please leave a comment on all. As this will mean a lot more comments, I have kept the question simple for this week. All you need to say is what you think each particular yarn would look nice knitted up as - or woven, crocheted, etc, - and maybe a link to a pattern? That's all.

'Peacock Blue'

And today's yarn is called 'Peacock Blue' - 100gms of fingering supersock yarn 75% merino, 25% nylon. This is a rich mix of deeper blues and greens that will knit up in a much softer variegated yarn. With the tones being so similar, there will be less tonal contrast of lights and darks with this yarn but the colours will blend nicely, drifting from blues to greens and back again.

This would be lovely as a rich wrap or shawl, like Ysolda's new Damson shawl or the Feather Duster shawl by Susan Lawrence - who designed the forest canopy shawl I'm still knitting:-) My personal favourite is the Peacock shawl designed by Jae Koscierzynski - just lovely but requires an awful lot of yarn to make and I imagine you would need a lot of free time too! Gorgeous though and well worth it! It's on my to-do list - sometime!!

I've also been meaning to try the lovely glove patterns by Julia Mueller such as Gordian, Entangled stitches, and Glows. Somehow a deeper, richer colour for Autumn seems more appropriate as the weather changes.

'Gordian' by Julia Mueller

Although I just love the red, I can imagine these in a lovely petrol or peacock blue too - all that complexity of the cables - mmm! Yes, another one for my to-do list! You can see the subtle tones in the reds so a semi-solid or subtle variegated would work well for this. Maybe the peacock would be a little too strong in variation but maybe not. It all comes down to personal taste:-)

All this weeks competitions finish on sunday night - 6th September - and I will draw all the final winners first thing monday morning. You can enter all or as many as you like, remember, so good luck to everyone!


  1. Oh my gosh! Don't count this comment as an entry - as beautiful as your yarn is, I don't knit or crochet so its beauty would be wasted (I just cut yarn up and use it stuff - like my most recent post!) I just wanted to say how prettttttttttyyyyyy this is - love the colours.

    And your beautiful inspiration pics - love the shawl - adore the gloves! :)

  2. Hi Kit,
    Of course! Your recent quilt is all lovely blues! Actually your quilt got me thinking about dyeing fabrics as well as yarns. It's the next thing I'm going to try once I have a dedicated space for dyeing larger projects. Hopefully, soon...:-)

  3. Hi Sis,
    Wow, That peacock shawl is absolutely gorgeous!! loving your yarn today too. Yum, yum, yum!!! Your poor 'to do' list! growing by the day!!
    Love G x

  4. As I said in my mail to you, although I love purple best, I also love other colors and the peacock blue color is wonderful so please enter me.

    What would I knit with it? Well first I would fondle it alot. Then maybe I'd make a multi-directional scarf with it. I love the was those look in a subtly variegated yarn like this. It would make a great present for my mom.

  5. I won?!! Yay! That gorgeous aquamarine yarn.... what a great start to my Monday morning! These prizes are so generous of you, thanks so much. I'll email you my details :)

  6. Actually Elaine, I've done a more recent quilt - this one mostly in blues. Come and see it, I think you'll like it - although you may curse me for the destruction of yarn. ;)

  7. This one is really beautiful. I would probably use it to make some simple socks to show off the yarn's beauty.

  8. Hi Kit, yes, I've just been over to look at your new quilt - beautiful! I just love it!! I really love the way you created your composition, it appeals to my more spontaneous creative side! And I have been known to chop up yarns! Having a lot of mixed media 'stuff' around the house means nothing is sacred any more:-)

  9. The peacock blue yarn is wonderful. I think I'd try a small lace shawl/scarf. Maybe it would make me look French!

    Rachel O

  10. The yarn is so pretty and so are all the lovely patterns you've shown. I've heard about fingerless gloves for wearing inside during cold weather. I think I might try making a pair of those.

  11. What gorgeous yarn. I'd love to be entered in the drawing. It reminds me of the depths of the I think mermaid fingerless gloves would be nice. Perhaps this pattern:

    An oldy but a goody...and one I'd love to knit.

  12. 5 chances to win this week. One of them is definitely mine. I can feel it. This one is so beautiful.

    I've never knit a shawl so maybe I could try one. Probably a smallish one or an easy one, but something beautiful for this beautiful yarn. Do I need to pick a particular pattern in order to enter or can it be generic like this one.

  13. First let me say your generosity astounds me! Wow! This yarn is just as beautiful as all of the others.

    I would try Checkerboard Lace Scarf which is FREE (a big consideration) and available here:

    It looks easy and seems like a good place to get started on lace knitting. Also, I think the scarf is pretty unisex.

  14. I have been eying this scarf for a long time. It's called the Madera Cascade Lace Scarf.

    I think it would be fabulous in this peacock blue yarn.

  15. This color I really love (as opposed to just liking a lot).

    I would probably do a multi-directional scarf with it, or maybe I'd try a simple lace pattern like the checkerboard lace.

  16. The leafy lace scarf looks pretty and should be doable with one skein. I think it would be fabulous in the peacock colorway.

  17. I think this would be really pretty for Lohengrin socks.

  18. I think a cowl in a ripple pattern that would resemble waves. Maybe add a little white boucle to crest the waves with foam?

  19. I think this would be a very pretty color for some hair pieces. maybe a snood, kerchief light hat, matching fingerless gloves or something of that nature.

  20. I would love to have enough of that yarn to make one of Brooklyn knits beautiful round blankets/table cloths.

    It would be beautiful!

  21. Hi - I've stumbled here from another blog (can't remember which one) and really love all of your work, especially your gorgeous dyeing!

    Anyhow, I saw what you wrote about the Pretty as a Peacock shawl - I did the original test knit (I knit the one pictured) and it was done in louet gems sportweight yarn, hence the massive yardage.

    I've since knit two more, one in jaggerspun zephyr and one in madeleine tosh silk lace - the silk lace one takes less than one 100g skein (so less than 1000m). And, suprisingly, since it looks so complicated; it isn't a very difficult or long knit.

    Anyway, thats enough of that. I'm going back to your archives to look at more beautiful knitting and dyeing!

  22. Hi Knitabulous, what a lovely knit you did on the peacock shawl! Stunning!I'm glad to hear it isn't quite so complex a knit as it looks:-)And even better that I only need 100gms of laceweight! Thanks so much for letting me know. I hadn't started it as I thought it would take too long with my christmas list ever growing but now I can re-instate it in my immediate queue:-))I'm dying to try it out and think I will dye some yarn especially!


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