Thursday, 25 March 2010

Sunshine Award

I've been meaning to blog about this for ages - I got a sunshine award:-)) Kindly awarded by Erika - thank you Erika! I was really chuffed to bits to receive one as the Sunshine Blog Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blog world. So I'm a positive and cheery creative influence:-))

The reason I haven't written about this sooner is that I have to pass this on to another 12 well deserving bloggers and I've spent ages thinking about who to give these to. There are a lot of blogs I follow that are very well known as well as relatively new ones. Who would be as pleased as me to receive one? Who is a positive and creative inspiration to others? It's been very hard to decide and I have swithered for a few weeks as there are so many skilled and wonderfully creative people out there to choose from.

I do feel it is important to be able to pass this award on to help and support creative people in blogland so my choices have been made with this in mind as well. Do please visit the links and let some sunshine into your day:-)

Ok, here are my 12 winners of the Sunshine Award:

1. Lucy - Attic 24 - Such a wonderful positive and colourful blog. A totally inspiring place to visit and escape to - truly a home from home. Lucy is also very generous in sharing her work with us in very helpful tutorials so we can all crochet to our hearts content. And content and happy is where we would all like to be, with Lucy's help:-) Thank you Lucy! 

2. Suz - Suz crochet Groove - now here is a very inspiring site:-) Suz is so visually creative, every post is a feast of colour, techniques and information. A very regular blogger, you are always guaranteed a little slice of creative happiness when you visit.

3. Lisa - The Bold Soul - an inspiring blog in a slightly different creative vein. Lisa writes a personal, insightful narrative of being a Bold Soul in life. An American living her dream of living and loving in Paris. She is a writer and life coach who is not afraid to tell it like it is:) and to encourage us to live our dreams to get the life we want. Very inspiring and a friend on the journey through life.

4. Erika - Erika's Craft Corner - a thoughtful and inspiring blog - you can feel Erika's positive and creative nature in every post. Her regular tuesday questions are a must - they make you consider and re-evaluate just why you do the things you do creatively and in life. Thank you Erika for thinking of this and inviting us in;-)

5. Kate - the Garden Bell - What a wonderful blog! Personality, character, creativity and a zest for life all documented here with stunning photography. There is always a creative visual awareness of the potential of each image which is truly inspiring - especially on a grey wet day:-) GO visit!

6.  Melissa - Empress of Dirt - a very insightful blog about her quest for a simple, frugal, creative and healthy life. Written in a such a warm and inclusive manner, this is a real gem for information and links about healthy life choices and how to realistically live a healthier life - a very practical down-to-earth approach touching on recycling and nutrition, to changing old habits and thought patterns to look after the world we live on so it can continue to look after us. Inspiring!

7. Melody - Fibermania - Just the place to go to be inspired by colour, compositon, creativity and quilts! Melody is constantly creating and blogs every day so there is a viual feast every time you visit:-) She has a very comprehensive flickr gallery where you can lose hours - be warned! -  and she has also produced lots of technical info to help those on their creative path. Enjoy!

8.  Kit - Diva Quilts - A visually inspiring glimpse of Kit's creative journey into the world of making and designing quilts. Gorgeous quilts and stunning flickr favs to truly inspire. Go enter the world of the quilting diva and enjoy the ups and downs of the creative journey!

9. Crystal - Sonnet of the Moon / Modify Tradition - well, this is two blogs really, Crystal's own very inspiring quilting blog, Sonnet of the Moon, and the sister quilt-a-long Modify Tradition co-written with Jennifer. To keep up both these blogs and produce regular quilting tutorials, make quilts as well as the everyday things like eating and sleeping is amazing - and very inspiring. Both sites inspire you to actually get that fabric and sewing machine out, they make you feel that these new skills are within your reach and that you can tap into your creativity easily in a helpful and friendly environment. Go, be inspired!

10. Vanessa - Do you mind if I knit - I love to pop in to see how Vanessa is doing every day or two. She invites you into her colourful, creative world and it's just like chatting to your best friend, all familiar, comfortable and relaxed. Her work is always inspiring and fresh, full of colour and vigour and such excellent photography! She is also very generous in providing tutorials so go be inspired:-)

11. Hen - Henhouse - A wonderful journey into the Henhouse, full of vintage fabrics, quilts,  vintage fairs as well as all the lovely things Hen creates. The whole environment is a real pleasure to visit and is a place to explore, enjoy and savour - just like a good vintage shopping trip.

12. Alicia - Posie gets Cosy - A firm favourite with me. I've been following Alicia's blog, well, since I knew blogs exsisted! In fact, she inspired me to start blogging myself. I am always touched by her ability to reach out and include everyone in her world - a true gift. Her world is an inspiring world to be in, full of creative loveliness and inspiring projects. My love of ripple blankets started here too. Simply, thank you Alicia.


So that's it! What a really tough choice. Although I imagine some peoples blogs are too big to answer every sunshine award:-) at least I can show my heartfelt appreciation to these wonderfully creative people who influence and inspire both me and so many others, by giving them a little bit of sunshine into their lives too.

To accept the award is very easy -

1. Put the logo on your blog or within your post.

2. Pass the award to 12 bloggers.

3. Link the nominees within your post.

4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

See? Simples!

So I've put the logo up, picked 12 well deserving bloggers. Now I will be going around to leave a comment on each winners blog and share some sunshine:-) In the meantime, why not sit back and relax with a nice cup of tea and go check out all these lovely blogs and leave them a cheerful comment to make their day:-)

See you all soon,
elaine x


  1. Thank you so much for another Sunshime award. I love the sun... and well, of course Water... I feel honored to be amoungst these other bloggers. They are a daily inspiration to me. Know most, but off to check out the few who are new to me.

    And Karin, you too are an inspiration with all your yarn work and wonderfully creative colors.

    Hugs Sweetie,
    Kate - The Garden Bell

  2. Ooooooops.... I don't know why I typed Karin and not Elaine... Silly me... Must be nap time.


  3. That'll be all that sunshine:-)) Ah, lazy dazy sunshine!!

    Thanks Kate:-)

  4. Congratulations on your award! Your blog IS positive, cheery and creative! :) I was just looking at your Vivian on Ravelry, by the way, LOVE the colour and looking forward to seeing how it progresses, looks beautiful so far!

  5. Thank you Kate. Vivian was going fine till I realised I can't count!! So a bit of cable tinking may be required to sort it out but hopefully I won't have to rip back. But other than that I'm loving it:-)

  6. Thanks Elaine for the award so proud to be included with such esteemed company will try to follow the instructions for award asap
    Hugs and thanks again xx

  7. Hurray for you! I really enjoy looking at your blog even though I just lurk most of the time.


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