Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Lemon & Lime Twist

So, I thought I'd surprise you with some more knitting! There is still stuff needing find a home that I really should be concentrating on but I'm very good at ignoring it while I knit my lovely sock:-) Ah, procrastination is my friend - well, my knitting friend anyway!

This lovely sock is a new test knit designed by Karen called Limone Twist (ravelry link). She knitted these in a gorgeous Wollmeise lemon yellow - scrummy! - so I thought I'd do a bit of lemon and lime. You know, I don't think I have a pair of green socks so I think I'll keep these ones for me - if I have any room left in my sock drawer. Well, a girl has to match her outfits and I do wear every colour under the sun so I correspondingly have a LOT of socks. But not green ones - yet:-)

The pattern is a lovely little twisted rib knitted over 4 rows and has a really clever construction.  After knitting through the chart or written instruction - it has both - you suddenly fall straight into the rhythm of it and you are off! This is the quickest I've knitted a patterned sock and I can even watch tv without losing my place at all - praise indeed;-)) I'm only halfway to the heel but I'm looking forward to another new heel to try - a gusset heel on a toe-up sock. I did try this type before, once, but it was so involved with the detailed patterning that it was difficult to appreciate the structure. In this sock I can see how elegant it looks and it will be interesting to knit and see how the shaping is formed. I know! The little things that please!

So lots more tv to watch so I can knit up a sock storm in Lemon & Lime. If the yarn looks familiar, it's the same hand-dyed sweetgrass green I used for my knotty gloves. I had quite a bit left over as well as another skein so I thought the slight stripes would work well on the sole of the sock. Gives it that little lemony feel to the lime don't you think?

Progress report:-)

So, I've got to dye some more yarns soon so I can start my new shawl, get some more sock yarns in the shop - if I don't divert them for my sock drawer:-) -  and get Vivian and some baby knits started. Nothing huge then, she says wryly!

Vivian is on hold at the moment as the lovely deep teal just isn't knitting to gauge - sigh. But I've got my eye on some chunky yarn on Ebay so hopefully I can be up and running in a week or sooner, depending on the post.

The lovely baby yarn I ordered arrived but wasn't quite as soft to the touch as I'd hoped. Lovely colours though. Maybe I can mix and match with other yarns I already have. But baby patterns have been earmarked and should be appearing soon. The good thing about baby knits is they are quick!

So thats us all up to date I think. Going into town tomorrow so I may have a hunt for some Sirdar snuggly. It is SOOO soft! But I'm not sure if the wool shop has it in stock so fingers crossed or it's back to shopping online. See you tomorrow!


  1. Ooh the socks look great so far, and yes you NEED them!

    I hope you had good luck finding the yarn.

  2. Hi Elaine! Yes, I found some - I was so lucky. I thought the shop had gone as so many little wool shops are disappearing these days but no! It had moved upstairs in the market building and it's now a lovely, big, very well stocked shop. Mostly baby yarns and cheaper acrylics but thats just what I was needing. I'll take some pics tomorrow and show you some of baby pattern ideas too.

  3. Hi elaine,

    Just LOVE the color of those socks. They remind me of Spring or a good Limeade. You are just so talented with your knitting. Wish I could knit cables like that. I know I know.....practice. At the moment I don't seem to have the patients for it, but someday I hope to learn a thing or two from you. In the meantime I will just continue to enjoy your work.

    Thanks also for your continued support and lovely comments. They mean a lot.

    Talk to you real soon,


  4. Good to hear from you Erika. The colour is very limeade isn't it? The trick to these socks is that this pattern gives the maximum visual impact but is actually very simple to knit:-)But thank you for making me feel accomplished in my knitting!

  5. WOW... Those sock are great. Love the Key Lime green color. So nice to see you have stopped by.

    Hugs from a rainy beach today,
    Kate - The Garden Bell

  6. I also love them. The yarn is gorgeous - did you dye it? And the single stitch cabling means that you don't have big lumps to try to fit into your shoes - very cleaver and lovely.

  7. Thanks Kate! I have been armchair travelling with you:-) although I could do with 'feeling' the warmth of the sun to recharge my batteries a bit!!!

  8. Hi Rachel - yes, the yarn is hand dyed and I pulled the second skein out of my shop cause I like it so much. Shouldn't get into the habit of that! Haven't tried the sock in shoes yet but I think you are definitely right, I don't forsee any lumps:-) How annoying would that be? As well as uncomfortable. Karen is certainly a clever designer!

  9. They look great (and I don't even like green and yellow). They are seriously lovely.


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