Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Soft and snuggly

Well the baby knitting is now well underway with one top blocking as we speak. Alas, the rain hasn't really let up for over a week now so good light for photos is a bit scarce so no pics as yet - but I can show you the  lovely colours of baby yarns I'm planning to use.

I first bought Patons Fairytale DK online thinking all baby yarn would be reasonably soft but as it is 100% wool, it does have a bit more roughness than I was hoping for - although the colours are rather lovely.  The pinks and the apple greens are especially nice for some stripey numbers, I think. Maybe this will be better for heavier cardis and tops that aren't directly next to the skin. I do also want to be practical and acrylic is hardwearing and easily washable so I wanted to get some acrylic too but it had to be soft.

So my trip to the wool shop found me some Sirdar Snuggly - sooo soft! I didn't manage to get all the colours I wanted but the main ones were there so I was happy enough:-) The deep pink is lovely although I did want to find another mid pink to go with it but no. I do have one ball already (top left ball in box) but one may not be enough. But, I'll wait and see.

So what am I intending to knit with all this lovely yarn then? Oh, I have so many ideas! I've been looking for inspiring patterns and projects on Ravelry and in magazines for shape, pattern and colours. I'm trying to think of things that will be versatile as well as lovely, like cardi's that can go with lots of tops and dresses, or knitted dresses that can be worn over long sleeved tops if it's a bit cold. Here's a little look at some pics I've been inspired by so far:

The top that's blocking is a little cardi with a small lace motif in a solid colour. But while I'm waiting for it to dry and be ready for seaming then some crocheted edging, I'm thinking of casting on a dress...... but which one? Sis, any preferences?

Other knitting - Vivian made some good progress and is at 12" high. Saying that, I have noticed one cable is longer in height than the rest which means either dropping stitches at each cable down 12 rows to fix which is taking ages or  shoving in a lifeline and ripping back the 12 rows..... so it's on hold while I think which one would be less painful. At this moment in time I'm favouring more drastic action as in all honestly it may well be quicker!

Righty-ho, off to sort out the baby dress patterns..... see you soon!


  1. oh my gosh, the two little dress in the top row... so squeezable! Makes me wish I had a baby daughter. Okay, a grand-daughter...in a few years. :)

  2. Hello Sis!,
    Awwww.... these are just so gorgeous! She'll be so sweet in any of these yummy knits. You are so kind. What a lucky girl she is! I think Auntie Elaine should decide on the patterns.. she's got great taste! x x x

  3. Hi Kit, the dresses are just adorable, aren't they? The two you like are actually the same pattern, just modified slightly. The pattern goes from newborn right up to childrens sizes. I like so many, its hard to know which to choose but as babies grow so fast, I'm sure I'll have time to work my way through them all:-)

  4. Hey, sis! How are you? Ready to let girly bump see the light of day yet? 9 days left and counting......:-)

    I know you may be busy in the next week or so:-)) so I'll post pics as soon as things are knitted up then get them in the post to you. Started some teeny booties this evening too - majorly cute!

  5. Love your cheerful yarns :). Can't wait to see what you make with it.


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