Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Tidying up

Ah, I've had a very indulgent day today:-) Shopping for new storage boxes! The downside of all the moving we've been doing is that things have to find new homes and that hasn't been quite as easy as I'd imagined. When your workspace is out of the visual range of others, you can get away with a lot more messy cramming of yarn, fabric etc to make everything fit but now I'm downstairs, in the view of anyone who visits and has to go to the loo:), I have to be a bit more considerate of my surroundings so my mess doesn't take over! Solution? Storage!

And not just any storage - nice, cheerful, bright storage:-) The amount of pleasure I get finding some lovely boxes and then sorting everything and finally storing them to get a good visual finish is HUGE:-))) Of course, I had to go to the kids section to find some jolly patterns. All the adult boxes were a bit too serious for me - all faux suede, rattan and leather look. No colour at all. You need a workspace to be an inspiring and happy place  - as well as conducive to work, of course! So I think I've managed to find a jolly selection so far. I'm hoping this will be enough and I won't need any more now!

I got 3 dolls, 3 apples, and one set of three round boxes. The rectangular boxes are about shoe box size  - only one size - which is just as well as I may have been tempted to buy more! Now I can add them to the polka dot boxes I got a few weeks ago from Homebase. (top three  are from Wilkinsons -UK and there are links underneath each picture)

Now all I have to do is sort the remaining pile of stuff that is taking up the middle of the room (ahem!) Back soon and maybe we'll have some actual knitting progress to see! I am so looking forward to getting back into a creative routine and if the weather warms up a bit, maybe I can brave the shed and get some dyeing done too. I think we are forecast some sleet this week and it's a bit nippy out there right now so fingers crossed we will at least get some sun and the illusion of spring:-)


  1. Love all of your boxes, so bright and happy! :)

  2. I also love the boxes. I really need to organize but it takes time and so never gets done. Lots of other things fall into that list. Soon.

  3. Thanks Kit, EJ. Goodness, yes! If I hadn't HAD to move and sort out all my stuff, I'd have been quite happy to put it off for a bit:-)) But amazingly it has helped me become a lot more focused on what I want to do and what materials I want on hand, when you HAVE to prioritise. Unexpected siver lining - as well as lovely new boxes:-))


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