Monday, 13 August 2012

French knitted wrap bracelet

As I was knitting up my little tester yarns from my dyeing session the other day, I remembered I had used one of my earlier dyed yarns to start making a knitted bracelet a wee while back. Where was it? How far had I got and was it looking good? A good rummage later and I had found it. A few more inches of french knitting, add a button and that was it! I couldn't believe I had that little to do before it was finished. Don't you love when that happens?

The photographs however took a lot longer. Don't know what it is about some colours, they just won't photograph well some days. The light was poor today and wet outside so this is as true as I could get. Pretty close. The knitted samples I'm working on though were a bit more stubborn so tomorrow I'll try again.

I was thinking this I-cord technique would be lovely for my new yarns too. They're coming out rather nicely with a definite long contrasting stripe to them. Quite fascinating to watch them knit up. Had to include a pic of my french knitting dolly - I've had her since I was a girl and she always makes me smile :) Makes nicely spaced I-cords too. I tried making this on a double ended needle to compare the cords. Works well either way really, just a matter of which feels more comfortable to you and gives you the best tension. Some dollies have large spacing that limits the weight of yarn you can use with it so if that's an issue, then the needle I-cord would work out better.

It does take a surprisingly long time to make a cord long enough to wrap around your wrist four of five times. I think that must have been why this one disappeared to the wayside for a bit!! It does give a soft, comfy fitted wrapped bracelet though and I love all the warm rich burnt reds and plums.

Tomorrow I'd like to get started on some of the vessel ideas using some of the dyed yarns. It will be interesting to see how they wrap up. I have a feeling they will be too regularly spaced colourwise and a non subtle striped effect but hey! there might be a happy surprise or two along the way, who knows? :)

Thank you for joining me today and see you all tomorrow for the next week of the creative journey!


  1. Lovely! I remember makings miles of this type of cord when I was a kid, but never made anything with it. Love this - so you! :)

    1. Thanks Kit! Hehe, yes it is rather me, isn't it? Perfect tv project so the miles pass quickly!

  2. have you tried adding beads to the your little doll...mine is a big ugly pink plastic thing, that remins me of something "unfinished"...ick!!!

    1. Funny, I've been thinking about adding beads to the wire jewellery but it never occurred to me to add beads to this. Thanks Marilyn!!


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