Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Spiral pendant

Today has mostly been about designing and bending wire into swirly shapes ready for some yarn wrapping sampling tomorrow. It took a bit longer than I expected to get it all prepared so running a bit late tonight with the blog.

I did manage to do a little playing around with wire and beads as well though. I found some more wire today that wasn't copper so I thought I'd try its thickness out for swirling and wrapping. Very nice weight for the swirls. I don't have any thin silver for the wrapping though so I used a smoky coloured wire instead. It doesn't look quite as contrasting in daylight as the picture but I do like the antique quality it gives.

The beads are a mixture of glass, wood and seedpod giving it a more natural feel. Using the dark cord instead of a light silver chain also lends to the overall boho chic thing going on :) This is made as a pendant but earrings would be lovely too.

Would you believe it took me longer to choose beads than make the pendant? I seem to have a lot of small beads that are lovely but won't fit over the thickness of the wire so I'm going to start honing my bead radar when I'm out and about from now on!

I haven't decided if I'll introduce beads to this sample yet. There's lots of potential so I'll see as I go. It will be good to introduce colour tomorrow too, it looks rather plain without it's covering yet. I've got another few new yarns to try out for wrapping so it will be interesting to see which ones work with this new design sample. I'm thinking something colourful could be fun. 

Well, that's a lot of wrapping planned - I think I'll need a good film to watch as I work :) Thank you as always for joining me and a big hello to everyone new following me here on the blog. It's good to have you here :)

See you all tomorrow with some colour progress!


  1. Absolutely stunning! It is such a beautiful piece that reflects both tradition and the contemporary, the decorative and the minimal, always a difficult balance. I am so excited to see how this develops!

    1. Thanks John. I do love to decorate so sometimes I have to make myself stop, hehe :) This is more on the minimal side of the scale for me. I appreciate the simplicity but my hands are itching to wrap just a little bit more!!


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