Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Spiral green vessel

As I was working on design ideas for the wrapped yarn samples over the weekend, I decided to finish the green sample that I showed you last week. The sample was designed to work on the flat and be part of a much larger suspended wall piece like 'sunburst'. As I didn't like the joining method that kind of stopped it in its tracks.

So what to do with this little sample? Although this was a tester for wrapping several wires together, it also tested the support method for larger organic shapes. This has worked well and these shapes moulded into a small vessel hold their form successfully. I think they would be even stronger with the wrapped method so I'm very excited to try that out as soon as possible.

I still like the design ideas I had for the large wall pieces so I'm wondering how wrapping would give me more flexiblity of design there too........ and what if the circles vessels were wrapped, how would that affect the stability of the structure - could I go bigger and bigger?? It would be so cool to have something large enough to actually walk inside - imagine!! 

So many possibilities! Got a lot of sampling to do before I get there but let's see where it goes :)

See you all tomorrow,
elaine x


  1. Beautiful! I find it so inspiring to follow you, exploring the techniques with such curiosity and thoroughness (is that a word?). Wish I had your patience!

    1. Thanks Nilla:) I'd been wondering if I was going on too much, lol, so it's good to know you like the details! As to patience - I think when you're enjoying solving a puzzle you get absorbed in the process. That or it's stubborness - I do like a challenge :))

  2. what is the usage of the green vessel?

    1. I'm so sorry that I missed your comment on here. I perceive this series of vessels as art pieces, so the usage is purely decorative and aesthetic rather than practical. I tend to create a lot more practical things with other techniques so this is a nice change for me to explore the purely decorative without having to take practicality into consideration - quite liberating!


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