Saturday, 11 August 2012

Copper wrapped earrings

I'm beginning to adjust again to making time creatively every day. The first few days of the challenge were a bit hectic trying to find my mojo and make something worthwhile to show you. But I'm getting into the swing of things again and everything's settling down to a creative normal again.

Today especially was Good Day :) I wasn't intending to make earrings at all. I was going to explore wrapping the dyed yarns and testing new ideas for some vessels. Which will happen very soon, but I got kind of hijacked by a lightbulb moment!! Out of the blue, I had a series of separate things linking up - click, click, click, lots of pennies dropping in place - the wrapping, netting for inclusions, dyed yarn, jewellery, 3D form - BAM, totally smacked me in the forehead and demanded I explore these new ideas and write them all down before I forgot them.

So that's what I've been doing most of the day - on a roll!! Some of the ideas will need me to develop new techniques which will take a bit of time but I don't mind that. I'm just glad I've managed to break the deadlock of these filigree vessels. I wanted to achieve so much more with them but didn't know how to do that technically but now I've broadened my skills base in the last year, there seems a clear path forward - hurrah! Such a relief, I tell you ;)

So, on my visual travels today I found some more lovely wrapped jewellery, mostly earrings. So I thought I'd try to wrap something a lot smaller. These earrings are about 2cm wide so the challenge was just having patience to work on a smaller scale and keep the wrapping even. I actually found it theraputic, quite calming even - except when I realised I made a mistake after taking the photos tonight! Still, they're just testers so it will remind me to check the wrapping before finishing off ;)

I have lots of more complex designs saved too, with beads, hammered metal and oxidised copper - ooh, that lovely green colour! - so lots still to try. I'd also like to get some silver too so I don't end up with just all copper jewellery, lol! Still it will all be matching :)

Tomorrow will be a busier day so maybe not so much time for creating. I'd like to get a little bit of the new yarn wrapped to see how it looks before dyeing larger skeins, and play around with some of those new ideas some more.  I'd also like to knit some more of the knitted waves and ladders sample while the pattern is still fresh in my memory. It's so much harder going back after a big gap, you have to learn all over again!! We'll see what happens tomorrow - you never know when you may be hijacked and all your plans go to belly up :))

I'll keep you posted!


  1. I liked all your pins today...happy you have found your groove and feel more settled...

    1. Thanks Marilyn. I just kept coming across things I HAD to pin, lol! One of those good pinterest days:) Hope you had a more relaxed day today too.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Kit! I'm enjoying making the jewellery :)


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