Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Hidden Stories

Still thinking about colouring fabrics and building up backgrounds, I thought I would show you a book that covers just this subject - 'The Painted Quilt' by Laura and Linda Kemshall.

Although their main outcomes are quilts, there is a full range of ideas and techniques for the preparation of fabrics using printing, layers, drawing with stitch, painting with dyes, tie dyeing, overdyeing and printing combinations.... You get the picture!

The layers of techniques are very rich in colour, texture and visual contrast and the book explains the development of ideas from source, the techniques and processes used towards both conventional and unconventional interpretations of the quilt.

It highlights ways to use all elements of visual language in a balanced and considered way to enable a strong overall outcome making good use of texture and colour as well as detailed imagery.

I do like the layering of techniques and the way the use of photographic imagery doesn't dominate the compostition and manages to be seen but hidden at the same time. Some of Laura's work has a 3D quality using flaps - telling another aspect of a story that is partially hidden? It is an intriguing concept to play with.

If you feel you must own this book then you can find it here. If you are interested in Laura and Linda Kemshall's work you can visit their website here. They also run creative courses in all these techniques if you live near enough - and can afford it! It would be lovely to be able to indulge!!
Update - apparently the courses are all now online. You can view the details on their website.

Anyway, more ideas to add to the creative melting pot. Time to go away and think and then start to experiment!

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