Sunday, 20 July 2008

100% saturated colour

I was rummaging at a car boot sale last week and saw this peeking out from underneath a pile of clothes - isn't it lovely? No-one else seemed to have spied it so I decided it was obviously meant for me!!

Doesn't it remind you of smarties? Although it's not very large, it's got that touchy feely quality - all those bobbles!

I'm going through a bright phase right now - bright clothes, bright colours in my work - so this fits in perfectly. I don't quite know why though, I do tend to shift between bold 100% saturated colours and subtle colour palettes. I have noticed there are a lot more clothes around in the shops with intense colour ranges - probably influenced by the 80's! In fact, I seem to remember owning a lot of brightly coloured clothes then too; jade, aqua, orange, yellow, pink - usually worn all at once! And don't forget the matching socks! That is one thing that is harder to find now. I can find stripes and pastels but not a full range of in your face brightly coloured socks.

Maybe I should dye my own sock yarn and get knitting!!


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