Friday, 25 July 2008

Pineapple Crush

I do like moodboards:-) All that visual cheeriness in front of you inspiring you to actually get around to starting some work! The actual doing, the placement of images, objects, samples, yarn, fabric - it all lends to the overall balance of the piece. I suppose I enjoy it being a composition in its own right.

All this hard work wasn't done today alas! But it does remind me that I need inspiration in front of me before I start a new major direction or project. I used to feel so limited by just flat images and postcards - or bad printouts! - so I decided to change the rules. Hence my 3D moodboard. Anything that fits the theme can be included; shoes, bags, clothes, images, samples, balls of yarn, cards, cakes, laundry bags! Whatever! Then I photograph it all and stick it on the wall and in the front of my sketchbook to peruse and inspire me to make a start.

This theme is 50's retro, pastel, soft, feminine french feel with some texture, pattern and subtle colour palettes, transluscent layering, lace detail, watercolour or photographic elements. A good start for visual language in a mixed media collage. Lacks text or blocks of narrative but that could be added if the story required it.

It was originally intended to inspire a series of retro knitted accessories - which I still intend to get around to in my spare time! I like the idea of wearing a top or bag called Pina colada or pineapple crush that matches my 50's outfit. One does ones best to co-ordinate dahling!

Retro clothes, retro yarns, retro accessories....hmmm, might be on a roll here!

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