Thursday, 24 July 2008

Starry, starry night

I've been thinking about how I intend to take my creative textiles and my thoughts so far are leaning a lot towards drawing with materials - stitch, felt, trapped shapes. I also want to build on my previous work which included collage, free embroidery and print. In fact, the more I think about it, the more mixed media my ideas are becoming. These samples were from an exploratory piece I used as a cover for my reflective journal.

Basically this is a fabric sandwich.
The background is painted with blended inks, then there is the middle layer of large drawn stars in fleece - unfelted - and decorative threads and sequins. This is all covered with a final layer of netting.

You can see the netting clearly here and it also shows the random free embroidery pattern that traps all three layers together with the mixed media inside. I used invisible thread and a subtle colour of netting to see the pattern at its clearest but both these aspects could be highlighted for different effects. The words were drawn with the machine - I like the imperfections of the stitch rather than typed fonts for this piece.

Colour, texture, decorative detail, hidden meanings, drawing with materials, painterly textiles. Hmm, where is this going?

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