Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Ready to roll!

Another find in a charity shop - a very retro knitting needle roll. Looks a bit 70's to me! I've been thinking of sorting out my knitting needles into sets for easier finding and haven't quite got round to making my own roll. Not that it's difficult, not that I don't have enough really nice fabric to choose from to make my own yummy roll but I still haven't 'got round to it'!

Well, now I can use this one as a quick template and get going. If you noticed earlier, I said 'sets'. Ah, yes. When I hunted out all my needles to fill the roll, I realised I could fill about 3!! I could actually decide whether to match all the grey Pony brands together or all the cute cream circles with the red centres together. That is how many I have. And that's not counting all the old sizes instead of metric. So, it's grey sophisticated looking needles in the retro roll (so far), cookie red/cream circles awaiting a pink polka dot roll and the rest are still awaiting a home.

The roll is a bit heavy to lift and defeats the purpose of being portable but then knitting always tends to be stored in huge bags that carry almost everything you could need in knitting as well as the kitchen sink! Once I get the other rolls done I suppose I won't need 2 sets in each space...... Or maybe I should be planning roll 4??

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