Monday, 21 September 2009

Buttons for Veyla

At last all my buttons have arrived for my green Veyla mitts. It's quite hard to gauge online whether the greens will accentuate or get lost in the lace detail and some that seemed small enough on paper, now seem a bit too big for the cuff. I got a mixture of plain and funky - well, you can never have enough buttons;-)

These first ones fit the buttonholes well and are solid but relective in colour. I quite like these as they are small enough but the shine keeps them interesting. Subtle for me, I know but with these the lace is more dominant.

Next up, not so subtle nice, bright daisy buttons. They are certainly funky and not too big for the cuff but they don't lend themselves to an elegant feel:-) These would have to be decorative only as they get caught in the buttonhole but I think I can slide these mitts on without undoing the buttons anyway.

Next up, these lovely apple buttons. These are super funky but a bit bigger. I can only realistically get three on without squashing them up close together. Again, these would have to be decorative rather than functional. I'm thinking the paler green colour isn't working and the lace is obscuring the apple shape too much to make everything gel.

Ah, the green flower/star shapes. These are a no-no straight away. Gorgeous buttons though but the green flower is totally lost and the sparkly centres look like little dots. Waste of a lovely button on these. I have enough to use them on a larger project so no worries.

Hmm. I like these buttons a lot but they are a bit bigger again - maybe verging on too big? Enough pattern without killing the lace and the right tone of green though. Running near the top of my list these.

These lovely buttons arrived late and are a lot bigger than I thought but lovely. Looking at them on the glove, they are maybe a bit too busy or weighty/heavy looking for the cuff. But they are so nice... Maybe I should keep them for a funky cardigan, or something instead.

The last idea I tried was to move away from green altogether and try white. Although they are more pearlescent than in the picture, the white is just too bright and has too much tonal contrast to work, I think.

So, that leaves the little green buttons in picture 1, the bigger green buttons I liked, the japanese ones and the green and white daisies..... What do you think?


  1. Or, can you color the white buttons with dye to make them less WHITE? I use Sharpie brand markers (permanent markers in glorious colors) frequently to color buttons. Plastics and pearl buttons take fabric dyes, too.

  2. I LOVE the green and white daisies. :)

    I love the last buttons too, but not for those gloves! (In fact, I like all of the buttons!)

    In fact, in fact, I've just discovered, I like saying buttons.



  3. I would go for the 5th set, quietly retro

  4. I really like the first and the ones that you said are the right tone of green. The ones you said were running near the top of your list.

  5. I'd go with either the first or the fifth. Many of the others are lovely, but not for this project.

  6. Yes, I'm leaning that way myself - the first or the fifth. I do like the daisies but I think I'll save them for a less lacy project!

    The first buttons are just the right size but I prefer the pattern on the fifth ones but they are bigger. Sometimes I look at them and think - oh, far too big! and then other times I think they look fine that size.

    I think I'm making excuses not to have to use the plain buttons when I like the bigger ones:-)But the little green rounded buttons have a more victorian lace glove look which suit it well.... Hmm.

  7. Thanks for the tips, marjorie - I didn't think of colouring the buttons! Permanent markers and fabric dyes - I'm sure I have some somewhere.....:-)

  8. I think the first are definitely more traditional victorian lace, while the 5th are a bit more funky and fun. Either look great - just decide what look you're going for.

  9. Yes, I think you are right Elaine. I just have to decide:-) I think I will go for the little victorian looking buttons. I like the feel overall with them and I think I'm trying to fit the bigger buttons into this project just because I like them;-)

  10. so show us what buttons you used already... ;)

  11. Hi Kit, I'd made my mind up to use the first green ones - the small victorian style ones. Shame it took me till today to sew them on!!! And it only took a few minutes.
    I'm hoping for photos of me wearing them tomorrow and then I can post them finished - at last!!

    Its been one of those weeks where I just couldn't get into any projects at all. But hopefully I'll be feeling a bit better to start some new ideas. Just got to rummage in the yarn stash - could be a while....:-)


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