Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Red door!

I couldn't wait till tomorrow to show you the red door:-) Flame red!! I've only painted one coat so far and will give it another coat tomorrow. I was going to paint the door surround red too but I think it may be better fading into the background a little. That means I'll have to get some more white gloss but I'll need it anyway to paint the windows and door on the inside.

Sigh! isn't it striking?! A little bit oranger than I thought but the reflective light is very bright and the paint is still wet. All I need now are some red planters attached to the windowsills;-)) Okay, maybe overkill! I do need to sort out the last bit of the outside though - the fascia. Problem is no-one delivers it and it's way to long to fit in a normal car. Still working on that one.....

It is a little bit darker red in real life, but not much! After painting, I turned round and saw my lovely bright red Dalias. The sun keeps bleaching out the depth of their colour as there are very subtle tonal variations going on.

I've been trying to capture those red tones today in my dyeing experimentation. With red being a primary colour, you can't mix it and have to use the bought tub of dye. Only problem is, that this red seems more vermillion and has an obviously orangey base. Adding magenta to take away the orange cast moves it very quickly into cranberry/plum tones. I'm wanting to run the strong red into deep crimsons but the red base just isn't going there. I know I have all the colours in the range of acid dyes but I really need a crimson red base.

Maybe its because I've painted the door:-) but these just don't seem very 'red' to me. We have orangey-reds, blue-reds, plum-reds, purpley-reds, browney-reds but not crimson red. Oh, they are all lovely in their own right and I'll probably use a lot of these soon but it's not what I'm looking for right now. I'll try again tomorrow or else look for another supplier of acid dyes........


  1. You're right, there IS no comparison! The red is simply perfect! I'm so jealous!


    *Wants to live in your shed so that she can go in and out of that door all the time*

  3. Nice touch! The red door looks fabulous. I saw your comment on another blog saying you might like to give tatting another of course I came over to encourage you...or pester you...however you look at it, LOL!

    ~TattingChic ♥

  4. It makes a statement there! I like it! But I never thought that you'd make your shed in white colour. It's just not your style... Now the red door is more you, absolutely!


  5. Hi Agnes, Yes, the outside is white to tie in with the house which is painted white as well. I did think of leaving the plain block like a lot of the other sheds around here but it was a bit on the grey boring side:-)And I knew i wanted a bright door so I thought the white would set it off nicely.

  6. Hi Tatting chic! I will get to tatting, I just need to find my shuttle and threads first:-)and lots of help to get started!!

  7. Love the door! The red is perfect!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the power of that red door.
    About the window boxes... how about blue? A nice strong royal or cerulean blue? Something to pick up the tones of the sky?

  9. Hi Kathleen, I was thinking maybe of putting a bench under one of the windows but if I did that I couldn't have the window boxes. I do like the sound of cerulean blue though!A lovely idea. I will have to give it a lot more thought, I think.


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