Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Green Veyla Mitts

Over the weekend, I've been knitting up these fingerless mitts by Ysolda. The pattern just came out friday and I've been just dying to try this pattern since we got a sneek peek of the mitts on her blog. The mitts are knitted up with fingering weight yarn and only use up to 185yrd/170m of yarn. This worked out overall about 28gms of yarn!! Amazing! These green mitts are knitted up using a 50gm tester of semi-solid green supersock yarn. I think I dyed it at the same time as the green stripey for week 2's giveaway.

The pattern is a very cleverly constructed glove with a lace cuff knitted flat then cast off. You then pick up the stitches for the 'hand' of the glove from the side of the lace. Very neat and elegant. You can see in the cuff close-up the lace is now sideways. There are meant to be buttons for fastening and added detailing as you can see in the top picture but I didn't have any that worked very well, so I had to hunt on Etsy and Ebay to find some I was happy with. Problem is I'm still waiting on them to arrive. I really thought today was the day but, no. Maybe tomorrow.

To knit both mitts only took me a weekend, and not solid knitting at that. Visited a car boot with high hopes of quilting material or books but only found a few little things this time - a long bright burnt orange skirt and some nesting dolls, which are lovely:-) I'll try and take some photos of the dolls to show you when it brightens up a bit. But we have been promised 4 days of sun!!! 4!! No cloud, dull days or rain - apparently! So if that holds true I can get on and get my shed transformed into my dyeing workshop.

This has been an ongoing saga this summer:-) and I have some progress photos for you but as we haven't made that much progress, don't expect the Ritz or anything quite yet! I'm just really pleased we have a door and windows for now! It still needs electrics, dried and painted inside and out but this will just have to be as and when I can afford each step. But it will be weather tight and the rain will be back soon, I'm sure!

So, there may not be quite as much knitting going on with all the DIY needed this week but I am hoping to squeeze in some dyeing experimentation for new colourways so I'll keep you posted on those and you can tell me what you think:-) HA, see? I've now committed to a deadline:) Best way to keep my ass in gear!! See you soon!


  1. Oh, those gloves are beautiful! That green, that lace! So very, very perfect.

    And good luck with your dyeing workshop. It'll be so nice to have it finished...or finished enough for you to work in. Can't wait to see progress photos!

  2. Ha! I've just seen your pics of your studio!! So gorgeous, spacious and clutter free. I don't think I'll ever manage to achieve that:-)But you will be able to see how bad a state the poor shed was in when we started!

  3. Just gorgeous. And the yarn is perfect.

  4. I like those! i bet my 12yo would wear them. I like the green but i bet she would rather a different color...being 12 and all.

  5. I also think the yarn is a wonderful choice for the gloves. I love seeing how the various yarns knit up. Perhaps if you start marketing your yarns and develop "standard" colorways, it would be great to see how it knits for a real project. Also, knowing the amount of yarn actually used for the project is very helpful.


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