Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Stripey noros - again!

Remember these? Yup, I've pulled out the stripey noro socks out of the pile of hibernating projects and decided its time to sort them out! If you remember, I had a few troubles with the variegated colours merging and then after fixing that, I knitted this knee-high and the increases were all wrong and the colour changing wraps were in the wrong place as well as hard and lumpy. So, it needed ripping back completely but after those trials and tribulations, I had a cooling off period and stuffed it away:-)

But now its back! I think I have cooled off enough now to rip this back with total indifference to the amount of toil and trouble that went into the first knitting of this:-) I had to get back into stripey noro headspace - good thing I keep a blog to remember what I should and shouldn't do again! So, yarn colourways were already sorted - check. Fix the changing of the colours and move to back of sock - check. Get a pattern to follow increases for knee-highs - check!! So, in theory I should be sorted and this should be a painless knit, but I don't want to tempt fate:-)

Knitting away, I have now cast on (judy's magic cast on), shaped the toe, knitted about 6.5" of sock foot so far with the colour changing at the back and there is no hard 'rib' feel to the change. I don't know why I thought I'd have to trap the yarn every row to carry it up the sock - overkill really - as all it did was make a hard ridge. This time all I did was pick up the thread after knitting four rows - no wraps, twists of any sort. Easy and no bumps.

I was also thinking of trying out a new method of short row heel - apparently I said so on my earier blog post. Unfortunately I can't remember just where that wonderful new technique is. Should have written it down on the blog, I know:-) So I'll just go back to my tried and tested method until it turns up again.

Or, I could look in my new sock book! I got this a wee while ago but forgot to blog about it. It gives you all the basic information you will need to knit a sock of any type; toe-up, top down, heel flaps, short row, knee highs. So this is the book I'm using as reference for the increases on those knee-highs. Maybe it will have a better version of the toe-up short row heel.

Well, that's my evening planned - a bit of light sock reading and turning a heel, while watching some good television, of course:-)


  1. There's this thing called Fleegle's heel which I heard about recently as wonderful. Could that be it? I've never tried it, mind you, so don't blame me if it isn't wonderful. I did bookmark it though:

  2. And the same Fleegle has a new short row technique too!
    Looks very easy AND attractive!

  3. Thank you both, Elaine and Kathleen for the link! I've just been over to Fleegles blog and saw her recent post on the short row heel - serendipitous:-)
    I tried my normal one and it's okay but not brilliant so I think I'll take it back and try this one out. Wish me luck!

  4. Noro can be a challenge to work with, especially with the stripes. I have been making a simple striped scarf and have lost count on how often it has been ripped out.

  5. Yes, my noro yarn is looking a little worse for wear with all that knitting and ripping:-)Apparently its meant to bloom when its washed - I certainly hope so!

    Are you knitting the noro stripey scarf by Brooklyn tweed, Lucette? I knitted some as christmas presents last year but couldn't afford noro at the time so they were more subdued variegations! I'd love to see how your noro is knitting up.

  6. I think these are really neat. I wondered how you got the stripes to be like that!


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