Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Tuesday giveaway

Today's yarn giveaway is called 'Butterscotch' - 100gms of fingering weight supersock yarn 75% merino 25% nylon. I was thinking more of an autumn feel - richer, warmer colours that were close enough tonally to be used for a complex lace shawl as well as socks or gloves. Its also more of a unisex colour so is more flexible overall.

I think some rich, deep socks would be lovely with this - cookie A's designs especially. Or maybe a so-called scarf like my sunflower one to let the variegated pattern meander across the surface of the knitting.

Sunflower scarf

There have been some lovely suggestions already so please have a look at some of the pattern links. The nereid fingerless gloves based on Cookie A's pomatomus socks look lovely or you could knit the pomatomus socks instead:-) There would be enough for a small shawl or scarf like these lace scarf suggestions - Madeira Cascade and the checkerboard lace scarf.

my small magenta Ishbel shawl

Or if you feel up to a more complex lace challenge, you could get a small Ishbel shawl designed by Ysolda out of one skein, but you have to pay for that pattern, or knit up a gail aka nightsong shawl - like the one I'm presently working on over on the sidebar - but you have to be in ravelry to access that one but its free.

I've not finished my nightsong shawl yet but you can have sneek peek:-) I just love this pattern!

I'm getting into the swing of it now so it shouldn't take me that long to finish! Just got to remember not to knit this when I'm tired as I spend more time taking back my mistakes than actually knitting the lace!!

Good luck for today's competition and in answer to a query, you don't have to add a link to your entry, only if you had a specific pattern in mind. But it's very interesting to have a look at all the pattern ideas that are coming in from everyone - lots of knitting ideas to add to our to-do lists:-)

See you tomorrow!


  1. Sign me up! It's not my first choice of colors, but I'll bet it would look beautiful as a scarf. I like the idea of my so-called scarf or a multi-directional scarf

    Now off to enter for yesterday's yarn which I love even more!

    I hope it's OK to suggest the same patterns for both yarns. I'm not sure I'm ready for lace though this one looks gorgeous.

  2. Going with the lacy leaf pattern, this could be fall leaves.

  3. I'll suggest this for a beginner lace project. I'm sure that color variations would show up beautifully.


    It's called the Knotted Openwork Scarf and is available free at the above website. This one you can even do when tired :-)

  4. An easy lace project I can do when I'm tired! Sounds perfect!! Sometimes the simpler the structure the more the yarn can show off:-) Thank you for the excellent suggestion!

  5. Funny. Orange is definitely "not my color" but I am just about to start a sweater that is still in my brain and will be mostly dark brown plus some hand-dyed color accents. This would look fabulous in it so I'd have to say that is the perfect pattern for it!

  6. I can see orange isn't most people's favorite. Interesting.

    Has anyone suggested the Nereid fingerless gloves? Another beautiful free pattern that would likely be beautiful in any of these yarns.


    Or My So-called scarf would be great.

  7. Wow, what a great colour palette for your latest dyed yarn. All those rich ochres and umbers are definitely my colours! Just a shame that I can't enter :-(

  8. Funny to hear another man say that those were his colors. When I met my wife, orange was my favorite color. Even the curtains in my apartment were orange.

    Although I've now moved more to the blues and greens, this is certainly lovely and I would be very happy to win it (or any of the others).

    I think I would go with a (non-lace) scarf for this - maybe either the multi-directional or My So-called scarf. I'm sure it would knit up beautifully.

  9. I looked at several of the lace scarfs that people suggested - so many pretty ones! I'm not sure I'm actually up to that but probably I can get Mom to knit me one, maybe!

    The lacy leaf pattern is especially beautiful!

  10. I love those colors but have no idea what pattern I would use them with!

  11. I think it is very pretty and would look wonderful as a scarf this fall or winter. I'd probably make it a fairly simple stitch to show off the beauty of the yarn.

  12. I keep coming back and looking at this yarn and the more I look at it, the more I like it, so I'm jumping on the lace scarf bandwagon. I think it would look great as a Madeira Cascade scarf, to be worn with a dark color.

  13. I hope all is well and you're just building up the suspense for Wednesday!

  14. Hi Elaine, yes, everything is well but just running a bit behind:-)Couldn't get any dyeing done yesterday as we had a builder in and the insurance people today so its been a bit neat!! On the good side, I got todays and tomorrows yarn dyed so its just a matter of drying and trying to get decent photos.
    Hopefully will be posting soon.....

  15. I agree with you that this would be great for Cookie A socks. I think it would look nice as Sam.

  16. May sound cliche but I'd do something in a candleflame lace pattern. Maybe fingerless gloves.

  17. I think this sunflower doily: http://www.crochetmemories.com/archive/vintage4.html would be perfect for this yarn crochet up into a light, bright and warm throw (instead of doily)

  18. That would make a lovely autumn leaves shawl scarf! I'd definitely make something lovely with it!


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