Monday, 8 February 2010

Considering the roses.....

There's something about fresh flowers that gives you that happy, uplifting feeling. Aahh:-) even if the rest of the house is in chaos, the delicate patterns and colours of nature remind me it is all transitory and all will be calm soon enough.

When you introduce change or a lengthy period of upheaval and chaos to the centre of your home, the centre of your calm tends to take a lot of buffeting unless you are super centred or very speedy with the DIY!  These last few months are testing that calm to the limits but it always seems worse when you are nearly there. I've tried to limit the areas of chaos as we progressed but now, it feels like every stick of furniture, book or bag of yarn is out of place waiting for the final DIY push so they can at last settle into their final home.

Tidy house, tidy mind! I suspect that means my mind looks like a spagetti junction right now;-) So I'm considering the order and balance of my roses, concentrating on finding that elusive calm centre - with my back to the clutter!


  1. If I bought lovely flowers, would the chaos in my house disappear? :-)

  2. It's a lovely thought now, isn't it? :-)The idea that flowers can send out calming vibes to everyone in the house! Whether it can paint walls and move furniture to reduce the chaos is maybe asking a bit much though:-)

  3. Hallo Elaine, those Roses are just lovely and make me think of Spring and summer, which I can hardly wait to get here.
    Now I would also love to thank you so very much for your comments on my blog. It was so nice to know someone was actually reading what I wrote and is very encouraging to keep going. I will talk with you some more very soon after my move. So in the meantime be hugged and take care of yourself.

    Erika :)


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