Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Lucy bag all finished!

Today, we have another finished project, my stripey lucy bag:-) Goodness, my WIP's are coming down a little - still not quite to manageable proportions but very nearly. So another one disappeared from the side menu - yay!

All I had to do for this was to sew on the handles and make the flower decorations but it seemed to take a while as I had to play with colour combinations for a while to get the four best flowers for each handle join. I think I may have enough extras to decorate a few more bags though:-) but they were fun to do and rather addictive!

I followed Lucy's tutorial for the double flower although after the first few, I realised I wasn't following the american terminology and I had a slightly different shape emerging, but hey, they look good too. I didn't bother with leaves as I liked the flowers on their own but I was also a bit impatient to get it finished so I could use it! A lovely bright cheery bag, especially on a dull winters day. Very Lucy but also very me;-))

There is a little knitting going on but mostly I'm still sorting furniture out after having to clear two rooms to lay some laminate. How come it all fitted in before but now it doesn't? That's what happens when you decide to improvise and move things in limited space - you end up with a pile of furniture in the middle of the room! You wouldn't think I'd drawn plans to scale and everything:-)) I know a bit OCD of me! Never mind:-) It'll all go somewhere.....

As long as I still have some knitting to hand to keep my sanity!


  1. WOW! nice it
    Thanks for the congratulations on the house purchase so excited we cant wait for April lol
    Hugs XX

  2. Great Lucy Bag... Don't you just love her site. She's my muse....

    Stop by my garden any time. I see so many of my blogger buddies on your role, how have I missed you...

    Kate - The Garden Bell

  3. Hi,
    I saw your Lucy bag posted on I Crochet, so I popped on over to your blog. Glad I did. Your Lucy bag came out really cute. I want to make one too and it is on my list of must make projects.


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