Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Just checking in:-)

Hello, hello! Been computerless for a few days and unable to blog - did you miss me?:-)) The result of all this DIYing  and changing rooms we've been doing is that I've been moving my computer and all my stash from the workroom - yikes! - and that's taking a bit of time:-) We are in the interim stage, where everything hasn't quite found it's home and is piled everywhere around the house. (even in the bath!) It looks worse than it is - well, that's what I'm telling myself. Don't disillusion me:-))
Despite all this, I have been doing a little knitting. My green knotty gloves have been finished off, yay! - and I am knitting away on the second of my little minx socks. Unfortunately, my camera and cable are somewhere in the mounds of 'stuff' so maybe we can have new pics of both soon.

Thank you for all your kind and helpful comments/ideas for the magenta yarn. I still haven't made a final decision but I have decided that the Vivian I was intending to knit for my sister in a lovely dark teal colour (since last year-oops!) should probably be first on the needles:-) S'ok, she knows I'm knitting it so no spoilers:-)) so I can keep both you and my sister updated with my progress. So without further ado....

Knitting progress check; 

Vivian - not on the needles yet but I have knitted the gauge swatches so it's getting close! Once I can get to the yarn and the needles that is:-)) Watch this space!

Limone twist - new sock pattern by Karen Scott to test knit. Really looking forward to this!

Little Minx - on the way to the second heel and then the home run to the top. Yay!

WIP's - slowly but surely:-) Keep checking the sidebar.....

Now, back into the fray of sorting, chucking, recycling and generally trying to make sense of the chaos:-)) What I really need is a Mary Poppins never-ending spacious cupboard that stores all my stuff invisibly and keeps the house looking neat and tidy. The only other alternative is to rationalise.... and I'm not very good at that! Back soon.... I hope!


  1. You moved your stuff in and out of room, DIY, and made gloves! That is impressive! Really gorgeous gloves, too.

  2. Hello Sis!,
    I feel all important now I've been mentioned on your blog ;-)) The teal wool looks delicious!! I can't wait to see it knitted up.
    Well done sorting all the rooms out and still finding time for the good stuff too. The gloves look gorgous xx

  3. oops... can't spell.. I meant gorgeous xx

  4. the gloves gorgeous colour
    Know what you mean about 'only one black cat'!!

    We started with 'only two'....brothers but the other two just moved in and as l'm a push over for a purrrrrrr and bedraggled wet sad look 2 became 4!! Lettuce only lives three houses away....or he did never leaves his bed now only to pop into the garden and eat!!! hehe
    Can't believe they don't miss this furball
    Hugs Suz x


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