Friday, 12 February 2010

Haberdashery finds.......

Yesterday was such a lovely bright day, I just had to down tools and be outside. We actually sat in the car saying - ok, where shall we go? Does it matter? - as long as it is out and about, feeling the warmth of the sun on our faces. Oh, how I've missed the sun! I must say this spontaneity didn't take into consideration the chill factor - Brrrr! Clear skies in winter usually means cold, cold, cold! But the car was warm and we drove out and about a little further afield for novelty:-)

And we just browsed. We popped in to see if we could find a lovely rug for the living room - sold out - sigh, but possibly back in stock next week - yay! And we went around a good charity/thrift shop that is tucked away on an industrial estate which sells furniture and all sorts of odd things. We spent quite a bit of time there and I could have taken lots of things home with me that were lovely but I don't really need:-) - a lovely little rocker, a little sewing table with an old singer sewing machine still inside. Now if that had been electric, I would have been squeezing that into the car toot sweet. But I don't need another sewing machine and I certainly don't have room for another table so I reluctantly left it behind.

But I did find a little gem hiding away that had just been put out that day.......

Yes! A little art/craft storage box that folds out with lots of little drawers. At first I thought it was the shop's display box as I opened it and it was full of lovely haberdashery things, some with prices on them.

I thought, ah well, maybe the box is not meant to be mine after all but then the man in the shop passed by and I innocently asked if the box was for sale too.... YES!! The man he say yes:-)) And then he casually says - do you want the little bits and bobs thrown in as well or shall I empty it for you? Aaargh NO!! 

I really had to  stop myself from looking over-concerned at the mearest thought of him throwing all the good bits away!! (we're still a-waiting on the price here and I don't want him to think I'm too desperate - although I am:-))

Then a weird thing happened. He had started trying to up the importance of the things inside - oh, look! a rug hook etc - but then he actually mentioned one of the supports needed to be re-attached and that it was also missing a handle - which I hadn't even clocked at that point. Then I realised! Goodness, a genuine person! There was me thinking that he was going to do the whole sales speel and all he was actually doing was being enthusiastic over my find. Sometimes we can get so jaded and cynical, it's refreshing to be surprised:-)

Of course, that made me feel a little crappy about trying to get a bargain! But he gave me the box and all the bits for £4 which is a lot cheaper than I expected to pay but fair I think. And look at all the stuff inside!! Okay, some of it is tat: rusty scissors and curtain hooks:) but there are some good large bobbins of thread in there as well as ribbon and edging lace.

And my favourite! A knitting aid to count rows from 1972's Woman's weekly magazine - cool! It has a needle gauge on the right to check the sizes too. I don't know whether I'll ever use it but it's great fun:-)

And the box only needs a little screw on one side to hold that last support in place  - and what's that to a 'getting-there'  DIY  expert?!! I did notice a few woodworm holes but they don't look recent - I'll treat them anyway, just in case.

So all in all my little trip in the sunshine was very conducive to my happiness:-)) Maybe I'll have to go on another excursion next week - possibly to see if that rug is back in stock..... Hope you are having a good day! 


  1. Oh I love it! What a great find, and I think it's a terrific bargain.

  2. What a find. Lucky you. I would have snapped this up and with all the goodies too. Glad you made that choice. Do you know what all that costs separately. Now, you can dream of the previous owner. I have to keep my eyes out for a charmer like this.

    Kate - The Garden Bell - xoxoxox

  3. Thanks Jersey, Kit and Kate. I'm not sure how much all the bits inside cost but they are selling these wooden sewing boxes for about £40 now and they look a little smaller in size too. £4 was a much better bargain than I thought:-)

    Oh yes, and I think it used to have legs too as it has holes on the base and I've seen old singer versions with legs for a stand-alone sewing box. Well, I'm sure it will sit very well on my table regardless!

  4. wow! what a wonderful find love shops like that and a fabulous bargain..lucky you!
    Promise not to stop with the collages hehe as if l could lol and crumbs hadn't realised April was only 6 weeks away!!! l'm even more excited hehehe thanks for pointing it out xx
    Hugs x


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