Thursday, 18 February 2010

Food for thought

I've spent a lot of time lately surfing Ravelry looking for patterns for my lovely magenta yarn. There are so many out there that are lovely that it's hard just to chose one but I am pretty slow at garment knitting so I only want one complex cable knit on the go at a time. I've narrowed it down to three, problem is, I love all of these:-)

The top right is Ysolda's 'Vivian' cabled hoodie - just lovely with its complex cables and the shaping is to die for. I'm not saying I'll look like that wearing it but the pattern is certainly designed to flatter, isn't it? I've read up on Ravelry that it is a lovely knit, complex but rewarding so I'm excited to try this one out. Ysolda writes such well designed patterns this could be a real treat.

The orange jacket is designed by Classic Elite - the montera embroidered button jacket.  It is lovely too but I think I love the colour more than the style - although the buttons are definitely cute. But a possibility.

And the last one is the Fireside sweater designed by Amber Allison, that I considered knitting recently too. I love the chunky cabled look and how fitted and snug it looks as well. The collar is a nice touch too but I'm finding it hard to imagine in Magenta. Or maybe this would look lovely extended into a longer coat - over the hips? I'll have to see if it's knitted top down. If so, I can just continue with some increases over the hips:-) and knit till I run out of yarn.
But if I'm going to go to all the trouble to knit a long coat, then I have to bring Sylvi into consideration. I've been waiting to knit this since it came out as it is a big commitment of time, yarn and effort! But absolutely gorgeous! Even after looking at lots of other colour variations on ravelry, I just can't get past loving this red. Even loving magenta as much as I do, do I want a full length, in your face, magenta jacket when it could be knitted in this luscious red? Sigh. I don't have enough magenta to knit this either but I could get more before it's sold out..... Food for thought.


  1. I vote for the hoodie. I think it would look lovely in looks more delicate than the other two and I think a bulky magenta sweater might be a bit much. But then again, what do I know...I've never worn a magenta shirt in my life. Sad, right?

  2. Nah, not sad at all:-) Magenta can be an overpowering colour to wear though so maybe the shorter tops would work better than a full long coat....

  3. OMG. That long coat - as you know, I'm rather (okay, okay, I'll admit - inordinately fond of red) and that is JUST. STUNNING.

    It made my heart beat faster.

    I would totally wear it in magenta too though. Or turquoise blue.

    *dreamy sigh*

  4. I just bought the Sylvi pattern myself. I saw it and it just blew me away even though I never use patterns when I knit. I'm not sure if or when I will get to it, but I definitely needed to have the pattern so if I want to knit it, it will be there waiting.


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