Monday, 1 November 2010


I've been exploring the world of crochet lace a lot recently, looking at their structure to learn how the complex patterns are actually constructed. It has a rhythm, a balance to its composition which is innately satisfying to me and somehow, don't ask me how yet, I want to translate the essence of this into my work.

I like how the negative space is just as important as the lace pattern  - an equal integral part, yin and yang. Not that I'm going to launch soley into doily making but it's an interesting challenge to take something so obviously traditional visually and translate it into an unexpected contemporary outcome. Just thoughts, no final fixed idea in mind as yet:)

Deconstructing the pattern from photos also made my obsessive, perfectionist side very happy! Everything in its place, logically perfect and exact. To be honest, just drawing the pattern out was becoming a work of art in itself and I had to remind myself that a working diagram was the original intention and my time would actually be better spent crocheting!!

So the yarn has been chosen - a nice silk/wool mix this time instead of the sharp contrasts of mercerised cotton - and I am ready to go. I have had a little trial run to work out the tension of the pattern as this is the one thing that I can't judge perfectly as yet with crochet lace, and it seems good to go if I move down a needle size or two. This could be an unmitigated disaster:)) but hey, you have to start somewhere! So fingers crossed and off I go.......


  1. Oh... I doubt very much that disaster will be the word we use when once we see your creation, my dear. That drawing is exquisite just by itself!!! I will cross the fingers.....but not too hard, because I know what the result is already!!!!! Fascinating what each one of us sees, in this work we call hooking!!!!

  2. WOW... I'm totally impressed. Can't wait to see this actually in yarn....he-he...

  3. Crochet is such an underestimated skill and discipline. True, it can be staggerngly awful, but it can also be staggeringly beautiful. I can't wait to see your staggeringly beautiful example.

  4. Looking forward to the results! I've been contemplating crochet lace as different colours than white. I, too, love how the spaces are just as important as the actual stitches

  5. Thank you everyone for your faith in me;))) The final outcome won't be white, knowing me! I will test part of this pattern and then if it works, I'm thinking of dyeing up some yarn to use for the final outcome - whatever that will be.....:)


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