Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Shadow play

I wonder what this looks like with a shadow....... swirls and spirals......

Looks like a little snail popping up to say hello........

Would it look any good coiled around a bowl shape? Hmm, maybe not. Feels like it wants to be more organic and less moulded.....

Bit of a treble clef appearing in the shadows.....:)

Getting a little bit more complex now, adding a few more swirly shadows........

No idea where this may go yet,  just thinking and shadow playing:)) Interesting to consider how the shadows integrate during the ideas process rather than at the end. Maybe a step forward or maybe just another fork along the creative path into something I haven't considered yet...  I'm just going to go with the flow:)


  1. Looks like another masterpiece in the making. Love the color.

  2. l'll second that one...adore these wire creations...may have to give a Christmas decoration a go such a fabulous idea and the shadows they cast make for wonderful pictures
    Hugs Suz x

  3. Thank you both:) Wow Suz, imagine a complex christmas decoration projected up BIG on your living room or studio wall! Gotta see that:)))

  4. A combination of three-dimensons, shadow and tonal colour variations is going to take this idea a long way. Good luck and look forward to seeing much more.

  5. love how you "flow".....and that colour is just scrumptious....

  6. Such a beautiful colorful yarn for this project. Love the photos.

  7. It's gorgeous - I love your work!


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