Friday, 12 November 2010

To do list......

7. Crochet bag from squares, 8. Footstool Sideview

With the Christmas deadline drawing nearer, I thought I would make a visual list of things I'm considering making. Don't panic for me quite yet:)) Although there are 13 photos here and not all that many days left till the 25th December - I refuse to count to keep the panic at bay! - I'm not intending to make all of these. Some are either/or contenders such as the bags or mitts, for instance.

A lot of my images are favorited photos from ravelry that I couldn't find on Flickr so I'll give you a rundown for each one so I can credit the photo owner as well as give you the pattern details and links. This could end up a huge post so I'll post all 13 over the next few days. Today I think we'll do the first 4:)

Big and bold in the centre, the mosaic maker call this No 1:)

The lovely Eternal knot baby blanket designed by Daniel Yuhas. Very clever cable pattern going on in this one that I can't wait to try out - loving the looped ends! It will take a bit of time so it's a christmas maybe but more likely a birthday possibility as it would give me a few more months to make it;))

No 2 we have the super lovely elbow length crocheted opera gloves designed by Shiri Mor. The link is for the Lion brand site where you have to log in but it's free to join. I'm hoping these won't take too long to make as I fancy a pair myself! No fingers which is a relief as I always find in knit that the fingers take up as much time as knitting the rest of the damn glove! (hence no pics of stripey armwarmers as yet;))

© Yarntangler

No 3 - lovely lacy 'Gail' shawl designed by Jane Araujo. It may look familiar as I did nearly finish making this one before (I know..... UFO's lurking under my desk:))  This time though I need a rectangular wrap and I'm thinking this pattern would look lovely and hopefully be easy enough to adapt? If anyone has done this already, a link would be very handy! As the shawl has charts, I'm thinking this logically should be easier to translate into a wrap without increases - she says hopefully:)) The link is for Ravelry but again its free to join if you haven't already:)

ETA: Thanks to designer Jane Araujo for the info that Gail is already available as a rectangular shawl - yay! You can find the pattern here  on Sew-mad's blog. So now all I need is the dyed yarn:)

No 4 is the super lovely Bird in Hand mitts designed by Kate Gilbert. Now these I've been meaning to knit for such a long time and I think now is the time:) They look super snuggly and there is just something about the red and white combo that works perfectly for me.

But I'm thinking I may need to leave a goodly amount of time for these as I'm a bit out of practice knitting intarsia and these might just stretch my idea of a quick knit:) But other mitts are in the mosaic later on so these are most likely to be an either/or pair. I do so feel like knitting them though  - they seem to embody snow, log fires and christmas don't they?

Well, with three biggies in that list, I think my time has already been filled up! I think I'm going to have to weigh up just how long these will take to make in reality. Either that or knit a lot faster:)) Seems like I'm always wishing that:) but all I really need to do is get more organised and start earlier - which never seems to happen!

If anyone has knitted any of these patterns, I would be interested to hear how long they took you to make! Back tomorrow with the next list of possibilities!


  1. There are a few very ambitious projects there but they certainly are beautiful.

  2. Oh how I would LOVE to be on your list!!! The cable blanket, the shawl (but in blue!!) and those "to die for" mittens (in black and white) :):) :)
    Good luck and I know you will be sucessful in completing a few of them....the others can be your projects for next year!!!

  3. Thank you:) I have decided on a few to start with and the gail shawl will be one of them, funnily enough in blue! But I have to dye the right shade of turquoise/aqua first for that. I love the mittens too:) but am swithering between the red/white combo or substituting another colour. It may well depend on what worsted yarn I have in my stash as the red is only DK :)))

    Now I'm off to watch some weekend tv and start knitting!

  4. Hey Sis!,
    Wow, it looks like a jewellery box full of precious, beautiful things.;-))) Please don't try to do too much... I know you...;-))
    Have fun.
    Love me xxx

  5. Hey sis! Not to worry, I'm only going to do about half of them:)) but I do have one started already so photos soon! xx

  6. Hi Elaine,

    there is a pattern for Gail as a rectangular stole on Ravelry. The name is Spring Leaves.

  7. That's excellent, thanks Jane! I thought someone would have tried this before me. Saves me a lot of work:))


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