Friday, 5 November 2010

What if?

Today has been more of an internet surfing day, looking for inspiration and lovely images on flickr while I let my creative ideas percolate away for a while in my head.  It's amazing how long you can spend happily searching - and then you lose another chunk of time just composing mosaics :)

Today's search seemed to end up focusing on swirly patterns and form. For me, using a mosaic stirs up the creative thinking processes - to put wrought iron next to glass, glass next to dyed fabric and mixed media surface pattern,  linking back to the swirly wrought iron patterns..... unusual elements together.... makes you think outside the box and start saying  'what if?'

What if I crocheted with a different material?

What if I worked in layers of patterns?

What if I cut away instead of added layers?

What if I crocheted in tubes instead of using a wire core?

Could I trap things inside? Encapsulate them?

Could I colour or paint the wire/thread after it is constructed rather than before?


What if.......?


  1. Thank you for the visit!!! Wow... what a feast for the eyes over here!!! Your brain must be in overdrive now after all the surfing...that blue glass curlycue on the upper right is just things like that...
    well, I hope you thought of something simple for dinner.....the hubs chose chili....yeah! can't get simpler than that!!!
    have a wonderful weekend....experimenting and playing.....and we'll see you on the other side!!!

  2. Wonderful patterns and l love those sort of days lots of questions to answer with creative ideas...what fun you will have
    Hugs Suz x

  3. Keeping thinking. Let you mind go. Great questions. Always find inspiration here in your little corner of blogland.

  4. What a lovely bunch of pictures - very inspirational. On another note - do you have a tutorial or site resource for those lovely wired crochet shapes? I am itching to have a go!


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