Friday, 1 August 2008

computerless - no longer :-)))

Alas, my computer has bitten the dust - again. I know. I think the poor thing has about had enough. So, I won't be blogging for a week or two until I can afford to get it fixed.
I will still be able to check e-mails on another computer so I can keep in touch:-) Hopefully it won't be for too long.......


Computer is fixed! All I can say is that John's dad is a miracle worker and I'm glad he understands all this stuff. Apparently the front USB ports had shorted out and we thought they had fried the chip on the motherboard rendering said brand new motherboard useless. BUT, I took out the USB cables attached to the board hopefully to bypass said knackered bit and hey, it's started!
First thing I am going to do is BACKUP all my files!!! I know we all mean to and I actually did about a month ago when John's system crashed and we had to format the whole computer, reload windows and install every single driver and programme, but there are new photos, websites, etc I would rather not lose or have to reload.

So off I go.... Hopefully I can now upload my pics of the japanese dolls I found yesterday - sooo cute, you just have to see them!

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