Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Snow White Rose Red

I've been beavering away finishing this lovely Rose Red beret over the weekend. All finished but not blocked yet. But I thought you'd like some photos of the progress anyway. It's been a little while since I knitted the red one and I'd forgotten what a lovely pattern this is to knit. Watching the pattern progress is fascinating and all the details just 'fit' so well together. It inspires me to rush away and design my own but it's also a little scary as it sets a very high benchmark, don't you think?

The next challenge is the Gretel cabled beret or the mittens in the new Vogue Knitting magazine for fall. The bobbles and cables look lovely and I think they could have excellent potential for christmas presents. I know, I know, but do you know there is only 4 months to go? If I want to make things this year I should have started already!! Mild panic!

Maybe this snow white can be first on the Christmas Pressie Pile of Achievement! I've also come to the decision that although once I was a tight knitter - think squeeking needles - I am now decidedly relaxed and may have to start dropping down a needle size to compensate! I was getting concerned that the purl stitches meeting the plain were a bit on the loose side. Not that anyone will probably notice but it didn't seem to keep its tension as well as the rest. Hopefully blocking will even it out so I will be happy with it. I could always knit another one on the smaller needles to compare the results...... I know, christmas list first..... But it could join the Pile of Pressies :-)

So, gretel beret, another rose red beret, Vogue mittens x 3, no make that 6, and some so-called scarves. And Ysolda's got another hat pattern coming out soon. Better be making a start!

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