Saturday, 23 August 2008

So-called scarf

Just a quick update in the knitting front - this is the start of the 'so-called scarf'. Don't know why that's it's name but, hey. It's a lovely textured stitch which I thought would work well with the hand dyed yarns and show off the variegated effect. So far so good. Although it is an easy pattern, I keep forgetting to knit into the back of the psso stitch at least once a row and keep having to retrace my steps till I've found the culprit - more one step forward and two back!

But I think it is coming out nicely for all that - if a bit slow! It probably doesn't help that I keep getting sidetracked into other projects and this pattern seems to work best cumulatively. A good few films on the telly, I'll get on a roll and I should be fine! So far, no dye on the hands! This reassures me it was me deliberately overdyeing the purple skein more than the rest and not the whole batch of yarn!

Major thanks to melissa aka craftywoman aka yarn dyenasty for the comment after the 'dyeing to knit' post. Very clear instructions to get all the dye out safely without felting the yarn! Thank you so much! It is increadibly helpful. I also noticed on her blog site that she is going to be running podcasts on the secrets of dyeing soon so I'll keep you posted. Maybe I'll hang on before I dye the next lot..........:-)

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