Saturday, 30 August 2008

Knitting therapy

Bx-f42977 is becoming very familiar to me these days. I've been trying to work out how to make my blog the front page of my website and changed my blog onto a custom domain in Blogger. First big mistake. Blog disappears - if anyone was wondering what was exactly happening yesterday......

Since I'm not all that gemmed up on tech speak, I realised that I couldn't get the page into my website and thought I'd maybe wait until I had done more detailed research on it. BUT, when I tried to switch back to my blogspot url, all I get is - Bx- f42977 - we cannot complete your request.

Late last night, my blog reappears online at the old address. I can post but not view. The view goes to the web address which is now error 404. HA.
Thoroughly fed up of computers and my lack of understanding tech speak. If anyone knows a quick and easy way of fixing blogger or even putting the blog as your website front page - in basic english - I'd be eternally grateful!!!!

I'm off to knit! Need some therapy :-)

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