Sunday, 3 August 2008

Interlude - Japanese dolls

As promised, some quick pics of the Japanese dolls I found last week. They were sitting on the shelf in the British Heart Charity shop - new stock but with reduced labels all over them. The woman said they were just in and going fast so if you hurry there might be some left.....

Three little maids from school are we....

There are little ones as well - I do like the detail on the kimono's and how each one's different. I did have fun placing them for the photos as if they were having conversations.... The girls look as if they're on their best behaviour under mother's watchful eye!

If you look carefully they have faintly rosy cheeks. I think the original traditional dolls were made as children's toys and were made of wood, hand painted and lacquered - and are now very expensive collectors items. So I'm quite happy to have my ceramic copies - they are very cute in their own right!

Have you noticed their eyes are different? Now I've got to think where I can display them - maybe a little narrow shelf where they can cheer up my workspace? I've also seen a picture of nesting japanese dolls - that would be quirky too! I do love the russian ones for the clear, graphic detailing and folk patterns and I imagine Japanese ones would be able to fit into this catagory very easily. If anyone sees any do let me know!

Anyway, time for the girls to say goodbye for now, they may make an appearance another time.... but for me it's back to the knitting:-)


  1. Weren't you lucky to find these lovely ladies! I adore them!

  2. I am looking for one of thse dolls, do you sell them or know where I can get it. It is exactly the same as one on your site but yellolw instead of green. I lost one...

  3. I got these dolls from the British Heart Chartity shop last summer. I don't think they have them in stock now. I just collected them as they were in their sale and didn't want to leave them behind! I'm not sure where they got them from or where they were manufactured unfortunately.
    I have seen others similar for sale using a google images search, it may be worth looking to see if you can find the exact one you have lost. Sorry not to be able to help you more and I wish you luck on your search. If I find anything promising I will get in touch.
    kind regards,

  4. Thanks for your help Elaine.

  5. I've had a look online and there seem to be a few shops that sell the real wooden kokeshi dolls. They may have or be able to find the specific doll you are after.
    I used 'kokeshi dolls' and got more specific pages in my search. There are so many lovely dolls out there - even ninja kokeshi!Good luck and I hope you find the one you are after.


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