Thursday, 28 August 2008

Plan B?

You may remember this purple verity from a while back - the one I decided to knit with two strands of DK Rowan wool for a chunky, warm beret. Yes, and the problems that arose from that chunkyness - the very tight headband that threatened to cut off circulation to the head! Well, my sister has sent it back for me to fix and I have been pondering over the solution. Two choices - take back the K2tog row which will increase the amount of stitches to stop the band being too tight or choose a looser stitch for the band as the selected seed/linen stitch is too firm and it needs to ----s-t-r-e-t-c-h-----
The easiest thing would be to try and substitute another stitch and if that doesn't work take more drastic measures and take back the decrease row. So I've been scouring the pattern books looking for something that would sympathetically fit....

Sample 1 - Double lace rib.
Way too loose and busy for the rim of the hat but would be nice on a garment (Note to self - must remember that)

Sample 2 - Variations on a twisted Rib
Has potential and I very nearly chose this one as it has a little stretch but not too much.

Sample 3 - Crossed Rib
Knew this wasn't going to work pretty early on as it was a 2x2 patterned cable and too loose and chunky, not delicate enough.

Sample 4 - Double Mock Rib
Looked better in the book than as a sample but think it would look more raised in a finer yarn but not for this.

Sample 5 - Corded Rib
Nice stitch definition, easy sl/psso that gives a clear textured finish. It also echos the slipped decreases in Ysolda's beret pattern rather than markedly contrasting which I feel the rib samples would do.

Sample 5 - Corded Rib

So off I went and knit, knit, knitted. This stitch is a variation of the slip pattern in the so-called scarf so I was happily surprised at already knowing what I was doing!! BUT! I also fell into the same trap of forgetting to knit into the back of the psso stitch every time to create the new knit stitch so I had lost a few stitches and it was obvious that there were mistakes. On the good side, I now know how to rectify this re-occurring mistake without having to take two rows back now! Bonus! I don't think watching the new Poseidon adventure film helped either:-)

So, the finished purple verity beret. I think the pattern looks good, it fits with the feel of the hat and I can get it on my head - just. It just doesn't seem to stretch as much as I had thought. Maybe I should have looked at the 2x2 ribs more carefully or taken back the decrease row..... But first things first. My sister's head is smaller than mine so maybe it will be a comfortable fit???
If not we can always go to plan C.....

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