Sunday, 18 January 2009


I had actually made a start on these lovely mitts before I got the sock bug. You can knit them wrist or elbow length so naturally I'm going for elbow. I like how you get more pattern to appreciate and it will keep my whole arm warm when I'm typing:-) My mouse hand/arm always gets particularly cold after a while so this is an elegant solution, don't you think?

The yarn I'm using is one of the hand dyed balls of merino I've been saving specifically for this pattern. I thought it would knit up in a more subtle variegation but it looks like it's settling into faint stripes - not quite what I intended or really wanted. But I will knit a bit more and see if I like it enough to keep. It may look better in a SOCK!! Being 100% merino, how long would these realistically last as socks? I'd have to hand wash them every time or they'd shrink, wouldn't they? Best hope the dye is well and truly fixed or I'll end up with purple feet:-) Maybe I should stick to mitts before I borrow any trouble....

Anyway, I want to finish the second sock first before I carry on with the mitts so I have plenty time to decide. I'll still have loads of time to wear them the way the weather is going this winter - brrrr. I may have to adapt a pair of these with fingers!

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