Thursday, 15 January 2009

Red stripey scarf

This is the stripey crocheted scarf I did as a tester for a friend's present. I was to make either gloves or lengthwise stripey scarves. I decided due to the dwindling time I had left that three scarves would take me longer than three pairs of gloves. In hindsight I may have been wrong:-)

I also felt the cast on row was too tight - I always seem to do that on long chains of crochet - and didn't think my friend would consider it high quality enough for her to use as a present for her family. I'm probably nitpicking and she probably would have, in reality, not have even noticed but I suppose I'm a perfectionist. Next time I'll use a larger needle size for the cast on row, if I remember!

It's a very simple stripe with a solid cream and red marble I used for the recent slouchy beret. So the red yarn appears to change but with no effort on my part! It uses a raised stitch that I got from the 'Soft waves' ripple blanket by only crocheting into the back of the stitch on the front side (every second row) so it's smooth one side and raised the other. It gives it a nice finish so I thought I'd use it again here. I still look at it and think of 'White Christmas' though:-) Threading all the tassles singing 'Snow, snow, snow' and eating nibbles that were meant to be for christmas.

Even better is the fact that although this wasn't eventually chosen, it meant I could keep it to give to my partner who had said how much he liked it. Bonus! Especially as I'd run out of red marble yarn and couldn't have crocheted another the same.

Update on knitting progress:

Evangeline mitts already on the needles - about 4"/10cm done so far.

First ever toe-up sock on the go - about 5.5"/14cm done so far.

Photos tomorrow for you if the light is okay. I'm quite enjoying knitting in a finer guage after all the chunky berets and gloves. It may be slower but it feels more refined somehow and suits my mood right now. Some slow leisurely projects to enjoy and not race through. Aaahh, just what I need!

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