Saturday, 24 January 2009

Sneek peek!

Just a quick sneek peek at the yarns I have been dyeing. I didn't get back in time to photograph them properly so I scanned them in to see how they turned out. The colour is a pretty good match for the orangey based ones but slightly red on the last more purpley one. I will try the camera tomorrow and see how that goes. I'd rather not have to photoshop too much!!

These first two yarns have been dyed specifically as a present for my mum. They were meant to be her christmas present as what can you give a knitter who can knit herself what she wants? Yarn of course! So these were dyed as per colour request and I thought the slubby, chunky yarn would knit up quickly and be very interesting texturally. It was also a bit of trial and error as I hadn't quite mastered how much steaming was required for fixing so these had to be overdyed. It definitely gave the second one subtle tones I hadn't planned so that was a bonus:-)

Having run out of slubby yarn and still in the mood for dyeing, I moved onto my supersock yarn. I just played around with the remaining dyes from the first lot and had some fun. I have no idea how they will knit up but I am excited to see how they turn out! What I did discover is that the dye was far too strong for the lighter wool. I will have to compensate for that in future but I like the deep dark tones too so what will they turn out like?

I think the orangey mix will become socks for me and maybe the dark plummy/green one I can knit up for my patient partner who was very tolerant of me messing up the kitchen for days on end:-)

Hmmm, maybe a simple rib detail for the darks and a plain stocking stitch for the bright one..... What do you think?

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