Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Ummm, I was reading my book on how to paint all the lovely patterns for socks and I noticed something important. Remember a few posts ago I said something about needing skeins that were 12 feet long? Well... I kinda got that wrong. It says 12 metres long!! Or 40 foot long, to be precise.

I don't think I could manage that measuring from the front door, all the way though the house and up to the top of the garden!! Okay, maybe just, but it isn't a working solution, people!

The only solution is to use my warping frame for my loom, which isn't here as it's with the loom in its shed a bit down the road - remember no car, either. On a good note, I have found a car and take happy possession this monday but since I had to use a van to get everything there in the first place, having my car won't help get the warping stakes here. (And they are a little on the big side and wouldn't be an attractive addition to the kitchen:-) I'll have to take a trip to the shed with my yarn, scales, and measuring tape and warp up the skeins there. But it is at my friends house so maybe I can pop in for a cup of tea! - if I pick a weekend!!

Don't you think dyed sock yarn would weave up beautifully? If the skeins are going to be that long I could get some lovely single or double ikat weaving done. Haven't really done a lot of that but it may be worth reading up on.

Anyway, I've no new knitting or dyeing to show you as the last few days have been spent car hunting but now that's done, tomorrow is clear for knitting a yummy sock. I'll have to start with my bought sport weight yarn - remember black opal? - as I want to wait on my new 2.5mm needles first so I can get a better gauge with the fingering yarns. But it is lovely and has knitted up well as a sample - will show you tomorrow. But for now, I'll leave you with a pic of black opal to whet your appetite:-)

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