Friday, 30 January 2009

Socks and sniffles

The black opal is knitting up at around 6 sts per inch so I can use the same sock pattern as before. Yay! The yarn has nice subtle blending which I like a lot and so far is knitting up well in the sock. I've also decided to try adding a 3x1 rib to the front of the foot and all around the top to see how that works. I'm afraid you'll have to wait on photos as it is so dark and miserable here that I'd be wasting my time even trying to get a colour match today. Sun, sun, where have you gone?!

I've also managed to catch a stinky cold which is making me a bit woolly headed and foggy brained. I may only be able to work on something mindless today. I think a 3x1 rib and st stitch is mindless enough! I may stop at the heel though - I'll see how I feel. It is definitely a snuggle up and watch a film day today with my knitting.

Now, I've got to decide what to watch........

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