Monday, 26 January 2009


Just a very quick post to show you my knitted sample of the plum yarn. It's knitting to about 9sts per inch on 2.25mm needles. Once I got over the shock of such small needles - and how sharp the tips of my bamboo dpn's are - I got into a good rhythm and I'm looking forward to knitting these up now for real. I love watching how the colours meet and alter tone. This really is a deep and rich mix - love it!

If you look closely on the sample's right hand edge, you can see the plum - green - plum - green stripey repeat happening but with very subtle differences each time. This sample is about 26sts wide and the sock should be at least twice that if not more so the striping will be a bit more stretched out than this. Interesting to see what happens. Now, I'd better find a good sock pattern to be knitting!

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