Wednesday, 4 March 2009

And then there were two...

At last there are two socks complete! The heel gave me a little trouble - one side didn't want to play ball and insisted on leaving a hole whatever I tried so I had to get stroppy and force the issue:-) They've been good practice and a quick knit in DK but I can't say I love this 'print' yarn. I appreciate the pattern the print gives although it is a bit in your face with the colour combinations and the heavy bands of patterning. I thought the bold colours would be zingy and bright but they aren't quite what I had in mind.

But it's all a good lesson in how yarns look like one thing on the ball and quite another when they are knitted up - sigh. But I have some lovely sock yarn still to knit up so I can console myself in their yumminess :-)

The last of my roving has arrived from Fibreoptics - yum! - and now I can have a play at spinning. It looks just too yummy to start with so I'll have to find some scrap fleece to experiment with first before using the good stuff. But it's been too dull and dismal to take any decent photos of any of the fibres as yet.

Vivian is now on the needles - granted, just the cast on row but it's a start. Hopefully I'll have some progress to show you later on this week. And I am also seriously considering starting Ishbel, Ysolda's new scarf and she is designing a beret to go with it - very excited! I just have to hunt for some yarn first....

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