Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Random thoughts for you this wednesday:

Today while standing in the queue for the post office, I spied these lovely jumbo bakewell tarts. As it was a very long wait, I had plenty of time to consider whether these should leave with me and decided on the whole, it was a shame to leave them behind.

Favourite snack of the week: bakewell tart!, dried cranberries

Most interesting blog I've read this week: Diary of a French Feline Do read this as it's a very entertaining view of a cat's life! If you've ever had a cat you will empathise with the owners!

Watching: most recently 'The Lake House' with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. Lovely, enjoyed it immensely. It's one of those films that stays in your mind and you enjoy thinking about afterwards. Link has some trailers but don't read the synopsis if you don't want spoilers!

Reading: The Moving Finger - Miss Marple omnibus by Agatha Christie

Knitting: Still trying to knit Vivian and the Ishbel beret but they're not getting very far as my head is all foggy from flu so the detailed cable instructions are making my head hurt. I'm sure it is all very easy in everyone else's reality!

Could have done without this week: Realising the mouse in the house hasn't gone and is hiding under the kitchen cabinets where we can't reach it. Cat going demented and trying to scratch a hole where the wood meets the wall. So far she has dislodged some plaster - good going. She's spent all night 'on guard' and is now zonked - out like a light. If I waved some yummy cat treats under her nose or some fresh tuna or chicken, I don't think I would even get a twitch!

Would still like to get done this week: any halfway decent knitting, properly sort out my stash of yarn for new projects, get around to cleaning the bathroom. Probably in that order of importance.

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