Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Green stripey socks

This is the yarn I started my sock experiments with yesterday - the green trekking - using the magic cast on with only one circular. The stripes have come out pretty much like it looks in the ball which I like. The random thick and thin lines work well and keep you interested as you knit. Mind you, the picture that went with this online didn't look anything like this. It was more of a blended mixture than definite bands. The label did say 'for best effect, knit with alternate skeins'. Anyone tried this for socks? I tried it on one of my christmas berets and it worked well to stop the pooling of the larger lengths of colour but I would be interested to see what effect it had here on more obvious stripes.

I had to take this back once already as the set amount of stitches for my width of foot seemed overly generous. Hopefully it will be a better fit now. Mind you I am tempted to take it back again as the change from 2 to 4 needles is very obvious and I don't like the line it leaves right down the middle on both sides. Another reason for circulars. This didn't seem so much of a problem with the heavier sock yarns and I know it will probably settle with blocking but still.

Anyway, I can resolve this now as my replacement circular arrived this morning very well padded for the post. Thank you Alison. I'm looking foward to a more pleasureable sock knit now:-)

Film watching whilst knitting the sock: Princess mononoke - you can click the link to watch some clips:-)

I love these forest spirits - although they are meant to be harbingers of a death, probably your own. So back to some sock knitting and maybe on my anime roll, I'll watch 'Spirited Away'. Don't know yet as there's another 2 hour miss marple on tonight :-)

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