Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Edible eye candy

Midweek eye candy for you today. Some lovely chocolate flowery shapes covered with sprinkles/hundreds and thousands. Look really good from both sides don't they? And very yummy looking. Shame to say the chocolate was a bit on the cheap/nasty side, but hey, its still chocolate and it didn't stop me eating them :-) But not all at once!

The knitting is going slowly this week - hence the eye candy! Notice I didn't say progressing. I feel like I've pretty much ballsed up all I knitted today so I'm a bit fed up with myself. Having noticed a mistake in the decreasing lace pattern of the magenta Ishbel, I dropped the offending stitch down 4 rows to fix the pattern and fix it I thought I did, very carefully to keep the YO's and PSSO's in order. But now it's done, I'm now noticing odd looking twists where there shouldn't be and unfortunately not just where I altered the mistake. So, my conclusion is it'll all have to be taken back and fixed - properly. But, I'm leaving that till tomorrow when I hope a fresh pair of eyes may see a fix or have the patience to rip it back - which I don't have just now ;-) I think I'm showing great restraint not throwing it across the room in a fit of justifiable peak.

So, maybe I'll go back to some good, old stockinette sock knitting. The green stripey sock is probably feeling neglected by now anyway. On the good side, don't these chocolates make good tiles to use for repeat patterns? They're beginning to look like an edible hexagonal quilt!!

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