Friday, 13 March 2009

Happy, happy, happy ;-)

I'm happy, happy, happy today! Well I'm talking about Wendy's new Happy 4 ply bamboo sock yarn in a gorgeous range of colours named after the signs of the zodiac. This one is Capricorn but all the colourways have a different 'feel' or personality to them and all are scrummy. I've been trying to match sock yarn to personality for some future presents and its been quite a difficult choice. I mean some people will wear bright, in-your-face colour any day - me, for instance. Some like to have secret bright socks hidden but don't wear much colour normally and some wouldn't appreciate the bright sock on any terms!

I bought two x 100gms of the Capricorn for two presents; one a pair of socks and one for a pair of gloves. I'm still hankering after a mad pair of stripey gloves so if this present works well, I may indulge myself later on. (I'm thinking the Sagittarius Happy....)

This Artesano Hummingbird 4 ply sock yarn - woodpecker - I've had my eye on for a while now and I'm just dying to know how it knits up. Couldn't find any pictures knitted up - I do so love the sites that show you how they look completed as a sock. 100% Alpaca though, yum! I'm hoping it's a small stripes look :-) It's only a 50gm ball so you'll need two for a pair of socks.

And what better to start my sock endeavours than with some lovely knitpro 2.5mm bamboos to master the magic loop knitting technique. Although I know how, the lack of 2.5mm circulars has been a bit of a problem until now. Happy, happy, happy!

All these lovely images are from's site where you can see the full range of sock yarns and accessories. I have bought from them before and they've always been very helpful and friendly to deal with. Very quick on the delivery too. They also have an Ebay shop in the UK.

Now, all I have to do is wait for my parcel in the post......

Edited to add: It's shipped! Same day I ordered! I'm thinking 2nd class post will be here monday or tuesday at the latest? Keep you posted.

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